Never Judge Someone Who U Never Know.

she's a new girl.Everybody called her Q.

first time i look at her,i my surprise ,she didn't smile back.

OK,i start to feel a bit angry.Shes's new here,I'm the head girl,smiling at her,how could she ignores that.

FINE.this is getting she is taller,she's better ,she's taking my post as basketball's team captain.She debate just like me.its really getting Worst as we had to work together because we are university's debaters.aarrggghhhh. i hate Q very much.

one day,i was crying at a corner of a room.I'm very sad.I'm crying and think irrationally and almost decide to commit suicide.

while crying,someone approach me,without hesitate hug make me calm.every single words make me calm.I'm feeling safe as I'm hugging my mum.its Q.i was crying as she hug me and i told her my problem.

Today ,Q is my best friend.She was always there for me.When I'm happy or not.

Q,i love you.Thank you for always being there for me.And I'm sorry coz i used to have bad impression towards you.

p/s : love everyone.our rival might be our best friend forever.
22-25, F
Sep 16, 2011