I Want to Be a Nurse Practitioner

One day I went to go see my grandma at the hospital and I seen diffrent kind of people and what they do.So I asked this nice lady she said she was a Nurse Practitioner.I was walking around the hospital to see what they do.So i thought to myself "Oh i wanna be this".So I got home and went on google and started asking questions.So when I get older Im going to Univirsity of Phoneix for Master of Science in Nursing for Nurse Practitioner.

ClassyTonya ClassyTonya
1 Response Jul 15, 2008

Good luck to you! Find a good Nursing school in your area to get your Bachelor's in Nursing first, that is the first step. Be sure to have a strong foundation in science and math in high school, biology and algebraic equations will be needed. You may need to get your Doctorate in Nursing Practice by the time you'd be old enough to become a Nurse Practitioner as the rules are changing soon but that doesn't mean you shouldn't go for it, it would be just 1-2 more years of school after your Master's degree but well worth it!