Starting Out On My Long Road...

Well I've begun. I've finally decided to pursue my incredibly old dream of waking up wet every morning :)

I've wanted this for so long that it really is very thrilling to finally be on my way.

Any advice or tips on the best way to go about losing night time control will be much appreciated.

For the time being I've been not going to the bathroom for around 2 hours before I go to bed (so I can kind of feel the need to go) and then I've been drinking about 600mL of water just before I get into bed. I've been wearing plastic pants and pull-up diapers to bed so far but have been also wondering what is best to start off with.

No diapers, plastic pants or sheet for a while?
Just a plastic sheet for a while?
Just diapers?

I started with Pull-Ups despite having many very absorbant diapers at my disposal becuase I wanted to get across to my mind (after leaking every night so far) that I really NEED them. As in I'm pretending it's not that big of an issue by wearing Pull-Ups but ultimately because I'm a bed wetter I will need to start wearing more thick absorbant diapers :)

I've been waking up usually twice each night with the need to wet, then doing so and going back to sleep (this is why leaking Pull-Ups is the result every morning so far).

My thought process any way.

As I said any help is greatly appreciated.
Okamiyasha Okamiyasha
18-21, M
1 Response Sep 12, 2012

My advice is for the first few weeks no protection whatsoever. Wet your bed as often as you can and get used to sleeping in a wet bed. Build up some nice stains on your matteras to remind you just what a bedwetter you have become. You need to be totally relaxed about the whole thing and get used to sleeping wet as soon as you can. The rest will come once you are comfortable with wetting and being wet all night.