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Becoming a Bedwetter

Becoming a bedwetter takes comitment and should be considered as a permanant step as you might never acheive total control at night once you regress.

I am well on my way to wetting in my sleep every night and if you follow these steps it will happen for you. Firstly you must get used to wetting your bed on purpose and be comfortable doing this every night and sleeping in your bed once wet. It can take time to overcome the feeling that it is wrong to wet your bed and some will never be comfortable sleeping in a wet bed but if you can overcome this first major obstical you are well on your way to true sleep wetting.

You must from now on always think of yourself as a bedwetter and fully accept your nights from now on will always invove wet nappies or soaking sheets. At first you should wet your bed unprotected to build up some nice stains on your matteras to remind you that you are a bedwetter. If possible sleep in the same unchanged wet bed for several nights wetting each night every time you need to pee. This will speed up the process of untraining the thoughts installed in your brain that it is wrong to wet your bed and that a wet bed is uncomfortable.

Getting back in the same cold, smelly wet bed takes some comitment and might be uncomfortable at first but if you can do this I promise you then you will reach your goal and probably a lot quicker. By now your bed will have some lovely pee stains and always smell of stale pee which will always remind you you are a bedwetter and help you along the way. I suggest you dry your matteras out now best you can and get a protective cover because you obviously need one.

From now on you must always wet your bed either before going to sleep or if you wake during the night and again as soon as you wake in the morning. You need to get to the stage where it is perfectly natural to wet your bed even if it is still deliberate. Gradually you will only vaugley remember wetting during the night. 

Once this becomes the natural thing to do you are well on the way to sleep wetting which if you keep at it will happen. Keep wetting every night on purpose till you find you no longer wake when you need to pee and hey presto you are a bedwetter !!

I used this method to regress and it worked for me. I suggest you keep wetting on purpose for a while to make doubly sure expecially if you still wake in the night sometimes, make sure you empty your bladder as soon as you are aware of the need to pee and your control will gradually diminish altogether. I have only a few nights now when I don't wet in my sleep and am seldom dry by morning.

As I said earlier be certain this is what you really want as it is easier to regress than to regain control.

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How long did this process take to start seeing results?

As a child I regularly wet the bed into my ninth year and occasionally on purpose in my teens, so I was likely more prone to bed-wetting than you. Anyway, later in a place of my own I had results almost immediately when consuming water and a couple beers before going to bed. However, it took two or three years of this “planned” sleep wetting before it began happening unexpectedly without tanking up.

Would it help if I would wear diapers with pee and water in it the diaper ever night

I still go to middle school and I used to be a bed wetter but only very rarely will I wake up wet now but I don't want to have to start taking showers EVERY morning my bed is wet and when I was a real unconditional bed wetter they still didn't get me pull-ups so I don't know what to do will someone please help me?!

I want to become a bedwetter so bad. It's not the fact that I live with my parents or anything like that, it's that I sleep on a futon. My mom got me a special 6 inch thick futon mattress and if that gets ruined I would never be able to find another one that is as comfy as this one. So i'm going to wait until I move out to start wetting :(

I would use a make shift plastic sheet made of trash bags and tape so it wouldn't ruin the bed or get goodnites sleep pads or just plastic bed sheets.

Good luck fellow bed wetter,

Your fellow bed wetter,

I want to become a bedwetter but at the same time I don't want to completely loose control I only want to wet every so often
I already where goodnites diapers I love wearing them and I always wet them while a awake and wear them at night all the time I wake up in the morning and try to let my self wet diaper while laying down but afraid of it leaking I get up and stand up and pee in it

I have actually had a couple accidents a few years ago both times I had a dream that I was in a restroom peeing like normal then quickly woke up with wet sheets at the time I was wearing diapers and didnt love diapers the way I do now
Now Id like to have that same dream again while wearing my goodnites diaper it would be great to wet my diaper but not every night

i love to wet my bed! I wear double diapers and plastic pants to bed and it feels great to wake up in the middle of the night all wet, soaked, and warm. ai go right back to sleep and wake up in the morning soaked! I love the feeling and never want to give it up!! Signed: Cuin2

i would love to wake up wet. but as im 18 have no job and dont really have any thoughts of moving out. ill have to start thinking of ways to do it and yes my parents would still be annoyed if they found any traces but i do have one thought, but it requires a job. my local foodland has those bedwtting diapers (as if i forgot the name) but yes ik theres chances of leaks. theres a possibility that the independent (AKA hansen's) store sells larger diapers that i could get. i just need something to hide them in when i buy them, any ideas??

For me it has always been hard breaking the habit my body has of clamping down hard and waking me when I really have to wee. I've had trouble finding diapers that don't leak when they get used with the typical night time gush and really nothing seems to work when I go on my side. <br />
I've had a lot of luck using a rubber urinal where I just wear the thing attached to a hose off to a bucket by the bed. Time after time I've gotten better at convincing myself to let go and release the flow and can do it more and more without waking much.<br />
Not an easy process but if you get used to just going day or night anytime you get the urge it will help a ton.<br />

To tell the truth I got curious b found a hypno site called warpmymind and found a subliminal hypno. It doesn't really work but if ur accepting of hypnosis then it might help with accepting the fact of this is what u want. It's my second night in wet bedding and in happy and I know this is what I want. I'm 17 by the way and still living with parents.. That is intell I go to college this fall lol. I think I'll buy diapers buy then. Some cloth to wear at night and m4s durring the day :)

i want to wet the bed at night when i am a sleep

My greatest wish is to wet the bed but my mom would know that I did it on purpose ive had a history with my family of wanting to wear diapers so should I wait till I move out of the house or what

I want to become a bed wetter but i live with my parents and my aunt plus i am 13 what should i do plus to add on i cannot dipers because im broke.

A Puzzle To Be Solved, A Journey To Be Had... Becoming A Bedwetter And Finally Letting Go<br />
My goal is to wet my bed, with a great deal of stress in my life I see "holding it" as a carry over of the rest of my life, and the opportunity to let it go and lose control as my one place that I don't have to control everything. It's always been a dream of mine from a submissive perspective, but integrating it as a refuge can hit two birds with one stone.<br />
I have been wearing at night for about a month, with a continuous pursuit of losing control which has yet to happen. Still, as I pursue this I am learning more about myself and my body. Seeing others with this goal made me decide to post my experiences here as I go along, looking forward to sharing ideas, tips, and updates.<br />
What I've learned so far:<br />
1) Hypnosis has helped... It is now much easier to enter a state where my muscles are open for a long time. I've learned how to keep them open. In a sense, it's the same challange that I had when learning to keep them closed. It helps with visualization, and I have strived to go deeper, and to make the scenes in my mind clearer each day. It was truly fascinating to me that I could be so aware of my body and muscles and learn how to make the shift that keeps 'er open. When my muscles are open, there's not a large spray, but every now and then I feel my bladder contract and it flows out for 3-5 seconds.<br />
2) Out growing the "double clutch"... Sometimes, when I enter the state of keeping these muscles open I feel something start to come out, then my body goes back to its old trick of holding back for a second, then again for another second, then I talk it down in my mind and let it rip... <br />
3) Important to accept being a bedwetter... the best tip I've seen here is to let it go no matter what. Of course, there's a consequence... if I've been holding it for a couple of hours in my sleep then awake with a full bladder, letting go fills the diaper and beyond. The pad below gets soaked, when I turn the sheets get soaked and sometimes I need to change the whole bed. Once over the past month I held off and went to the restroom, thinking that it'd be easier than having to clean all of the laundry etc... never again. The next day I realized how that slowed my progress and I just need to go, even if I'm awake and full, even if I know it will make a mess. I am a bedwetter.<br />
4) I've begun to think of myself as a bedwetter, the thoughts come on their own. Possibly due to the hypnosis and possibly due to practice. When I lay down, sometimes I feel my muscles immediately relax to the open state. Now, when I take a nap, I think I need a diaper. If I'm snuggling and may fall asleep, I feel I need a diaper. Simply don't want to have an accident without protection<br />
<br />
The big hurdle:<br />
Although I've become pretty proficient at creating the open state prior to sleeping, my body relaxes to it's old habits when I'm asleep. The biggie to overcome is to learn to maintain this at such a deep level, it's there when I'm asleep as much as when I'm in bed waiting to sleep.<br />
<br />
Tips and thoughts:<br />
1) The only time I've wet my bed is when I've drank alot, or another time when I had a diuretic and sleeping pill. Neither one of these are things I want to be a part of the normal course. First, they're more like a 30% success rate. Second, the side effects of drinking are obvious the next day, as is the sleeping pill. In the rest of my life, I can't afford to spend half a day groggy or hung over. Finally, it's not good to pump chemicals on a routine basis anyways.<br />
2) Both cases are encouraged by what I call "Fill er up" which means drinking a lot of fluids and holding the bladder to the point of some leakage or close. This weakens the bladder muscles temporarily, probably adding 50% to the chances of wetting and enhancing both of the above.<br />
3) Not a proponent of drinking a ton of water before bed. Waking and wetting 5 times a night and having totally soaked sheets, changing diapers 5 times a night, etc... is not that much of a win for me. I'm here to escape and get a good night's sleep... would be different if I had no wetting otherwise, but I've found a reasonable amount of water will create enough urine for me to wet at least several times a night with several diaper changes and at most one total soaker.... I don't think I need 5 total soakers to get things moving forward. 1 total soaker and 3 "incidents" is probably enough to practice, isn't it?<br />
4) Ditto for diuretic... I'm going so much at night anyhow, and awaking and letting go, not sure how awaking 3 MORE times than that would help... sort of practicing with what's in hand... <br />
5) Keeping the hypnosis going, have heard that the more it is played the more we lock in. It is making an impact in my awareness of my muscles and being able to set them to "uncontrol" as well as my perceiving myself as a bedwetter.<br />
<br />
Tips, hints, and stories welcome!

How's it going?? I'm very interested!!

It happens for real now, probably twice a week on average!

Hello, My name is James, I'm 17, I am going to try this after New Years. I have tried other things such as drinking multiple glasses of water but that never works. Last night i drank 8 water bottles within 1 hour and i never went to the bathroom before falling asleep. I just woke up dry :( and my bladder hurt really bad. If i try drinking more before bed i might have an accident? I don't know what to do. I really want to start but afraid of what my parents might do, since i still live with them.

how long did it take you to be able to wet the bed without waking up

It took only a few weeks before I had my first true wet night where I had no recollection of peeing and woke up wet in the morning. But it was about 6 months before it became a nightly occurance.

Hi just thought I'd post this to thank you. I read your "How to Become a Bedwetter" post about six months back and after allot of hard work I now enjoy waking up wet every morning.<br />
<br />
I was wondering though, see my goal is to get my bladder to empty itself always when im asleep regardless of how much urine its holding. As I am now I can make myself not wet the bed by simply not drinking a ton before bed, however im trying to go all the way and want to wet where ever and whenever im asleep.<br />
<br />
Is there any advice or methods to achieving true night time incontinence?

Gradually over time you will find your bladder just empties in your sleep as the need arises. I never did drink excesively before bed. I just didn't use the loo before bed and still don't.

wow it worked im in diapers and wetting the bed and my parents ar not worried at all

Glad you have reached your goal.

wow at first i didnt think it would work but now im in diapers wetting the bed and my parents dont care

what happen if i pee and poop

im really wanting to become a bedwetter but i have my parents in the way...<br />
they get all mad at me. i tried diapers but i got ones that were way too small and i never disposed of them properly... i do have a matress protector cause of my sweaty teen age and the bed was bought brand new <br />
i tried the protector and hid it in the closet but then of corse my mom "had" to clean my room and she found my well pissed in sheet and told my dad and they were both pissed off at me and they said if im caught doing it again they will tell everyone getting me embaressed. i guess it will have to wait till i move out on my own... hhmm but what about my GF? what would she think??? <br />
im 17

I hope you get this. Just start wetting for like 2-3 days and tell them that your having dreams of where your swimming or going to the bathroom and feel like your falling sometimes.

i don't think that would help. i was never really a bed wetter as a child. my parents wouldn't really believe a lie like that. also i have had dreams like that (swimming, falling off cliffs, wetting the bed in the dream etc etc etc) but they don't trigger me as said above

My Husband puts me in a diaper every night for bed. We are trying to get me to be a bedwetter, but with diapers. I don't want the bed to get wet. He changes me during the night if he needs to and changes me in the morning. We both love it.

Sounds fun!! How has it been going?

thanks for the tips guys. but were i live i wont be able to wet my bed with out a diaper on.. any one know were i could get a twin bed cover? for under $50 and wouldnt taking muscle relaxers a hour be for bed help to?

im a bedwetter but hate a plastic cover on me bed as a bedwetter my bed last about two years before i have to buy a new mattress i buy use ones


i do not have to try i am a bedwetter


I never thought of sleeping in the same, unchanged wet bed for several days. I'm going to try it. I sleep in a water bed, so there's no worry about mattress stain. It's also heated. This means that when you first enter a wet bed it's cold; however, after a few moments it gets warm.<br />
I'm also going to try to use the same diaper over each night.<br />
I'll keep you posted

I agree beds and matterasses are so expensive these days you have to properly protect your bed if you want it to last any time at all once you start bedwetting with any frequency. I still think you should wet at least once or twice too make sure you have a nice big stain on your matteras to remind you what a hopeles bedwetter you are. My bed is well and truly protected now but my old matterass was heavily stained and always smelt of stale pee. I only got rid of it when it fell apart.

I am so happy to announce i am now a bedwetter off and on but i have been wetting my bed atleat two to three times a week!

I am so happy to announce i am now a bedwetter off and on but i have been wetting my bed atleat two to three times a week!

Drink 4.5 liters grabs for those four hours ???????