Your Wet Bed

 do you change your wet bed in the morining or just let it stay wet I let it stay wet.In a few days it really makes the bedroom smell good

donnajean22 donnajean22
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7 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Why change the sheets if you are only going to wet again the following night. As for the smell, why worry about it, you are a bedwetter so smells are inevitable.

You and the respondents are living a life of joy most of us can only dream of: enjoy it while it lasts.

i love wetting the bed i do not wash the sheets fo ages<br />
my whole bedroom smells great!! also i do not shower<br />
or wash my cloves and i am in this lovely smell of pee

I hardly ever change my sheets. And on those nights where I get so wet it looks like I took a shower in my clothes, I just wear the wet clothes all day.

I love to sleep in the same wet and smelly sheets with lots of overlapping pee stains with a dark wet patch in the middle. I usually only wash my sheets once a week and wet every night.

The longest I have gone without changing sheets is a month. My bedroom smells like stale pee, and thats the way I like it. So my goal is to go 2 months without changing sheets. Yes I leave the bed unmade and allow it to air dry during the day,and normally, the sheets are damp when I go to bed. Good luck. I WET THE BED AND AM PROUD OF IT!!!!

I like to leave my bed unchanged and often sleep in the same wet bed for several nights. When I was regressing I slept in the same wet bed every night for two weeks.