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I've always wanted to become a helpless bedwetter again.  I've tried hard at times for the last few years but lost my discipline to wear diapers EVERY night and the embarrasment of diapering around my wife always got to me.  Fear of the Depends leaking hasn't helped either.  About a month ago I decided to face my humuliation and start putting them on where I get ready for bed even if my wife happend to see me putting it on.  After all, I "need" them and I can't hide it from her anymore.  Now that I've been consistently wearing - I'm going to get serious!  I just bought a case of Abena diapers which rarely leak.  From now on, I'm not going to allow myself to go to bed before I drink 3 cups of water to insure I have to pee during the night.  When I wake up, I'm letting go no matter what position I'm in and if they leak they leak.  Until my Abena's are gone, I will not deviate from this routine.  If my body hasn't learned to wet in my sleep after 50 nights ...I'm going to be really mad!

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I've had many nights, like you, where I don't really know if I wet in my sleep or not. I drink enough to cause a full bladder during the night but sometimes it goes right through me and I have to wet soon after going to bed. Then I wake up with a nearly empty bladder and a big question. "Did I wet a second time in my sleep???" I try really hard to fall asleep dry but sometimes I just can't. I know of 6 times in 7 months when I'm certain or almost certain I wet unconsciously. I've been hopeful, excited, discouraged and ready to give up since I started trying to become a bed wetter. Lately I'm just flat but keep telling myself I'm going to break through someday soon. ...Someday I'm going to lose control of my bladder at night. What an relief it will be when that time comes!

You should try bambino diapers. I use them with a doubler, and oddly enough I don't have leaks even after wearing the same diaper and a doubler for 24 hours. Even at that point I am dry enough, as the diaper is doing its job. I don't know if I wet at night, just because of how effective these diapers are lol! :) I may have to change into a new diaper at bed time to know for sure.<br />
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Lately I'm in a diaper 24x7. I don't mind changing into a new diaper before I go to bed, but I'm going to take a shower in the morning anyway, so that usually discourages me from a new diaper just before bed. I prefer morning showers so I am more alert, and signals that I'm not ready to return to bed again.<br />
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Anyway, I think I might shift my routine to shower at night so I can go to bed with a fresh diaper and know in the morning if I wet.<br />
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Today I woke up with only about a cup to void. I have a suspicion I wet last night and didn't even know it.

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I was wearing on and off for a year until mid Feb of this year. During that time, my wife would often feel my bottom when I got in bed to see if I was wearing a diaper or not. Occasionally when I was unprotected, she'd say something like, "sweetie, I don't want a wet bed tonight." That was her way of asking me to diaper myself. Since mid Feb, I've been diapered every night so that no longer happens. Despite my requests, she has only diapered me once and it was very mechanical. <br />
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What's even better though is when she wakes up in the morning and wants s*x. Her way of telling has always been touching me until I'm ready, that hasn't changed. I love it when she lovingly touches the front of my squishy diaper. I guess I'm pretty lucky because she doesn't really mind. She even helps take it off once in a while. Waking up in a wet diaper to your wife f*ndling me is the greatest.<br />
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As for the hypnotic files, they have never hypnotized me but I listen to them anyway to "condition my thoughts" before I go to bed. It's just easier to have someone else telling me I'm a bedwetter for 20 minutes than to do it myself. Usually I drift in and out of sleep as they play. <br />
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So far I'm not wetting unconsciously. I still wear a diaper every night and drink enough water to cause a full bladder during the night. I wake, pee and fall back asleep every night but It just wont happen without my awareness.

I can totally indentify with nervousnes about wearing around the wife....sadly my wife would allow me to wear for a few nights but then become sick of it...and its just not the same peeing on purpose as it will be to have to be "reminded" to wear..or have offers to help diaper me LOL<br />
How is hypnosis working for you?

Alexander,<br />
Thanks for the words of encouragement. I really want YOU to become a helpless bed wetter too, with me! Just think of how fun it will be when we wake up wet that first time knowing for sure that we slept right through it. I don't want a shred of control anymore. I want to go to my in-laws and be truly fearful of wetting their bed. I want there to be no doubt that I am helplessly unable to control my pee and without my diaper, I will certainly make a mess that demands an explanation. I'll do anything to make it happen. I don't want the freedom to choose to wear a diaper or know that it's not really necessary. I WANT TO BE AN UNCONTROLLED BED WETTER!

I just bought the hypnotic MP3 from SoCalAB for becoming a bed wetter. It only cost $25 which is less than I spend each month in diapers. I'm frustrated because there seems to be no indication that I'm going to become a natural bed wetter. I hope these audio files will do something to me. I'd settle for permanent and complete incontinence at this point. This is mind over matter right? How can I want something so bad and not be able to make any progress? Where is the magic bullet? What's it going to take?