How to Become a Bedwetter

Hi I am a bedwetter and want to share how I was able to do it. This information is to be read as information and to be taken very seriously. If you choose to follow the suggestions on this page you are doing so at your own risk. I want to warn you that bedwetting for me is fun and I enjoy it, When I am over a friends house or my families house they force me to wear diapers at those times wish that I never wet the bed but I can‘t help it. It is not that I am a baby, but more of a protection for there belongings. They don’t want the smell or the stains that go along with bedwetting on there belongings. Please make it your own experience and enjoy it at your own pace. The following is how I was able to achieve bedwetting but it may not work for you.

The first thing you will want to do is to really think if this is what you really want. I mean really think about this. You are trying to un-train yourself of something in which you may never be able to reverse. As well as day time accidents they will happen and there may not be anything that you can do after you loose control.

Many online websites are either to complicated to understand or to incomplete to follow. I have wanted to become a bedwetter ever since I was six years old. and am now 25. I have tried to follow someone else's ideas and stories on how to. But It did not work for me. You have to invent your own idea's and follow them. I did and am now completely free from the toilet. I never wanted day time accidents it was something that just happened. I will give you some ideas on how to make yourself become a bedwetter but you will have to make them into your own ideas for them to work for you.

Only you know what will work for you. You have to understand that you will most likely loose day time control as well so please consider this before you start. It is not really a choice in the matter. It is something that is going to happen weather you want it to or not. The first thing is that in order to become a bedwetter is to put your diaper on just before bed without going potty. Then you will want to do your night time routine. and then drink about 16oz of water before you lay down. When you lay down and fall asleep your body releases hormones to slow the bladder from filling as fast as it does during the day; which your bladder becomes less painful when filling. If you wake up in the middle of the night and have the urge to go you will want to stay where you are and force your self to go potty right there where ever you are sleeping.

You will probably soak the bed the first couple months so it is suggested that you get an air mattress. Cheep and disposable. The plastic air mattress is plastic so if you wet the bed the urine will not soak thru the bed causing stains and smell. Air mattresses are also affective in the cost that is involved with bedwetting so as to save you hundreds of dollars on mattress's because of the stains and smell. You will probably need to replace your conventional mattress every two years or so as a bedwetter.

When you wet your bed you will want to stay where your are; In the wet bed and try to fall back asleep. It may sound disgusting but this is what a real bedwetter goes thru. Trust me I am a uncontrollable bed wetter and sometimes the diapers can't hold as much as I wet. I wake up with wet sheets and P.J.'s about once a week sometimes twice. As a bedwetter you need to understand that this is something that will happen at all times anywhere and at any time well you are sleeping. You need to be (100 percent) ok with it happening.

Weather you are at your friends house or your families house or at home in your own bed. You must force yourself to wet were ever you sleep “No exceptions are to be made”. You will not have a choice when or where you wet in your sleep. Bedwetters don’t have control over where or when they wet now do they?

Bedwetting is full time, not something a person can turn on or off at there leisure like a light switch. You will not be able to control your bladder at night once you have lost the control “EVER AGAIN“. I suggest that you really think about the real aspects of bedwetting and what may become of your well being.

Think about this for starters. Are you are ok with sleeping over someone's house in a diaper? Will you be ok with telling them about your bedwetting? They need to know. If you can't then you are going to find your self in a tight spot. What will they say if you were to wake up on there couch and find that you soaked there couch with urine. You will problem have to buy them a new couch and they will find out about your bedwetting anyways. They will most likely loose trust in you and tell you to where a diaper to bed if you continue to stay there.

The only thing that you need to remember is that you are a bedwetter and bedwetter’s don’t have a choice to fit there fancy when or where it happens, It will happen un-willingly and some times more then you would like it to. Although you may have control now, you will have no way of stopping your self from wetting in your sleep. Once you have trained your self to wet the bed in your sleep your bladder will become weaker and be less controllable. This is most likely the part where you will start seeing your day time control diminishing right before your eye‘s weather you wish it or not "It will happen."

Like I said I am a bedwetter and have been for about 3 years and I am not afraid to tell my friends or anyone who asks, because It is the truth plus they will find out in the long run anyways. I enjoy bedwetting and have come to like the day time wetting as well. Yet for you it will take time to achieve complete bedwetting “Your time is what you make of it.”

Hypnoses Is something that I recommend and helped me allot. It helps pass the time when you are not doing anything else. They may or may not work but as long as you have the basic concepts on the art of bedwetting. The hypnoses files are a cool and a fun way to make it a reality from the beginning. Good luck and hope to here from you in the future to see how you make out in your life. Bedwetting is the greatest thing that could ever have happened for me and would never trade it for the World." I hope it is the same for anyone who wishes this on themselves.

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I still wish I could become a bedwetter! It's been a long road. Have you ever helped someone achieve this goal?

Over the last week I have developed a intense desire to wear diapers and to learn to wet the bed can anyone help to teach me how to wet the bed?

hi just one question I'm a 13 year old boy I would like to wet my bed and I already like wearing diapers but I don't think my girlfriend will approve daytime accidents and I love her and I don't want to hurt our relation ship

Hey PamperGirl8
I'm a big fan of your blogs and stories and I would to see you in person on day I wear nappies 24/7 I live in England In Oxfordshire

I also told my self I am a bedwetter I wet the bed I like being a bedwetter over and over all day

Hey, My name is James<br />
Im 17<br />
Used to wet the bed <br />
What is the best way to tell my parents i started wetting again?

I can't really say. I don't know your parents. I suggest since you are 17 you should just let it be. and not say anything. Once you become an adult you can move out and they would never know. If you want to tell them the only thing I can say is just tell them. their reaction will be the same however you tell them. I do suggest you try and keep it from them, You are 17 and do they really need to know? Just my opinion. Hope it all goes well

Can this be reverse if I start am 21.

Regressing should always be considered a permanent step. If you have any doubts do not start because once lost you may never regain your bladder control. I have been wetting most nights for over three years now. I have never regretted it but there are times when being a bedwetter can be awkward to say the least. For me the pleasure and contentment it brings far out weighs the disadvantages.

I love love if you would be my friend too paleeease!

Hi PampersGirl3 is just have a question so i am a 9 year old girl and i want to become a bedwetter but i afraid of what my parents will thnk i love diapers ever since i was four soi want to know will it be easier for me to become a bed wetter

The younger you are the easier it is for you to achieve your bedwetting goal. Being young If you decide later in life you want to become dry at night again you may have better results then if you were older. As for your parents I can't tell you how they would react that is all up to how well your relationship is with them.

What is the best hypnoses to use, and wear can you find it?

I have an Air Mattress

So do you use a plastic protector on your mattress?

Pillberry it will be alot easier for you. Your age aswell as the accidents you have been having. The younger you are when you start having accidents the better chance you have of loosing control faster, as well as for longer.<br />
The younger you are the harder it is for you to regain control, but it will be easier for you to loose the control. <br />
Happy to have answer your question.

Hey, I am 13 years old.<br />
I want to become bedwetter.<br />
it happend to me sometimes<br />
before i wanted to become one.<br />
So will it be easier for me to become one becuase it happend to me about lik 5-10 times?

my problem is that once i put on a diaper, i pee instantly. but i can control my bladder in the daytime! and at night, but

this is the most amazing subject thank you pampersgirl2. Can we be friends

Sure bobbyleon73 I will be your friend.

hi i'm also a bedwetter i wet my bed . i drink at least two glasses of water at night everyday since i started bedwetting again . or drink grape juice at night that would really fill your bladder . i lay down on the coutch with a matress pad on the coutch follow by a bed pad then i put a dark navy blue sheet on the coutch so when i wet the sheet nobody can see it . when i fall into a deep sleep my bladder loses control . when i wake up the next morning the sheet are soak so i sit in my wet sheet to watch tv. i don't know why i tend to sleep good when my sheet is wet. oh buy the way papersgirl2 will you be my friend.

To become a true bedwetter you must be totally relaxed about it. If you get hung up about wet sheets, stained matterases and the smell you will never acheive your goal. You need to wet each and every night and get to the point where you are comfortable sleeping in your wet bed every night. You must consider regressing as a permanent step and that from now on your nights will involve urine soaked nappies, underwear, night clothes and of course your bed. <br />
To become a true bedwetter I suggest you sleep in your bed totally unprotected and just your underwear and wet your bed before going to sleep for several nights. Once wet you must sleep in it no ifs or buts you are a bedwetter now and you've wet your bed so you will have to lay in it. If possible leave the bed unchanged and sleep in the same wet sheets for several nights peeing again whenever the need arises.<br />
By now you should have a lovely wet, smelly and stained matteras to remind you what a naughty bedwetter you are. Now dry out your matteras as best you can and get a protective cover as you obviously need one. Your bed willalways smell of pee which will help you along the way to wetting in your sleep. It took me about 3 months to sucessfully regress and after wetting my bed and sleeping in the same unchanged bed for a couple of weeks I started having the odd genuine wet night. These gradually increased over time to where now I wet in my sleep most nights. The main thing is always to let go everytime you feel the slightest need. If you wake in the night meeding to pee just let go as soon as you are aware of the need to go. Also each and every morning empty your bladder as soon as you open your eyes. Get used to peeing in bed as soon as you wake because this really will help you loose control. Gradually you will start peeing before you wake. Sometimes I would wake in the night or in the morning to find I was already peeing. If this happens don't stop always empty your bladder and then enjoy your wetness for a while. <br />
Wetting as often as possible is the best way forward. I wish you all the luck in the world and promise you if you really want to be a bedwetter you will reach your goal if it is what you really want.