I Love My Parents.

My mom and my dad do everything for me. I am almost 23 and my mom still does my laundry. I love her to death, she is the best mom you could ever have. My dad is awesome, everyone loves him. He will do anything for the family.

The only problem is, everyone in my family is stubborn so we always fight over little things and I usually end up saying something I regret.

We are not really a feeling sharing family, which is why I have this blog, but I know I have hurt her and I feel so guilty about it.

I honestly do want to become a better daughter, but I cant do it. I just keep taking advantage of my parents. I dont know who to talk about this because like I said, I am a `tough` girl. My family and friends think I dont show emotions but the truth is I hide everything inside me and I let it all out at night. I just want someone to talk too and to understand me. I dont know what to do

All I want to do is be the best daughter to the best parents around.
BrownButtercup BrownButtercup
18-21, F
Sep 14, 2012