All The Bad

Arrogant, mannerless, big mouth, its like all the bad is in me. Well, I never thought of myself as a bad person until recently i found out that most of the people i know think of me as an arrogant person.
I dont want anyone to think of me like that, im better than that. I know that i am, its only that im quite upfront at times. Sometimes i say things without even thinking and im working on that. I mean i seriously try my best to be nice and friendly with the exception of some phases, but im trying. Its soo effing annoying, why cant people mind their own effing business and stop judging.
I know i have flaws, everyone does and i suck at bettering them, i guess. I need help, some serious help. Sigh but where can i get one? :(
ralff20 ralff20
18-21, F
2 Responses Nov 23, 2011

No one's perfect, by knowing that your not perfect and make mistakes you show responsibility. You actively recognize that you need to improve yourself and that makes a good person.

i couldn`t have wrote it better except for the big mouth part and in my self defense i am not manner-less i just hate when people stick their noses where they don`t belong so i shove them right back to their owners .

Haha. Im not big mouth either, its just what people assume that i am. I say what i feel is needed to be said, but sometimes people take it in the wrong way when i mean well. Lol