I always try to have what I need and want, and not what other people will be impressed by, or what they think I should need or want. Of course, it is fine and well to listen and take into account the advice of those whose opinions I respect. But my life is my responsibility. I always try to focus on what I think of myself instead of focusing on what others think about me. I have the freedom to try something and then change my mind if I don't like it. I can try and fail, and get right back up to try again if that is what my inner guidance says to do- without worrying that others will be gossiping about my initial failure. What do people know of my deepest aspirations and dreams, of my faith and hopes?! People usually only know what they see! I strongly believe that others can either help raise me up into greater levels of awareness, or they can keep me limited to their small views of who or what they think I'm or should be. I am not a perfect person, I am not worried about being embarrassed from making a mistake, or about whether the clothes I am wearing have gone out of style, or about whether the people who I like to spend time with make me look good in other's eyes. I thank God everyday that I learned that I don't need to have the approval of everyone else in order to be happy. I try to focus on what I believe is right. There have been moments and seasons in my life when I experience regrets. I would love to return to those seasons and moments and live them right, but I know it is impossible to fix what had happened. If I had learnt to watch what I dwelt on in my mind, what I said and what I did in the past, I believe with all my heart that I would have minimal regrets in my life right now. But I believe that if I stand by myself with love, I will be better able to make positive changes and improvements in my character, actions, and life circumstances.
funkyflower funkyflower
36-40, F
Sep 20, 2012