Why I Am Interested In Catholicism

Hi everyone! This new journey I have embarked on has left me completely surprised and excited in many ways! My journey began about a month ago while I was researching a project for a speech class. I was looking up some history on the Catholic church and suddenly was compelled to go.

Why? Well this is a complex yet simple question to which I have an answer-lengthy albeit! I was brought up as a Christian Scientist (a strange religion which I never felt accepted or comfortable in, even as a small child) during my youth I went to several different Christian churches and in my late teens went to afew more. I had afew friends that would invite me and I never turned them down for an opportnity to go to church. I went to Christian churches that were conservative, some that spoke in tongues (I could never wrap my head around this) others that refused to have any instruments besides ones voice and even visited the Mormon church (never thought of joining but my best friend always invited me). Needless to say I have been to many different churches and have been overwheemed, especially in the last 10 years with all of the denominiations and choices there are! My husband and I were going to a Church of Christ a few years ago and stopped going when we felt unwelcome. At this time I began to question my faith in God and even His existence. I was angry deep inside at the lack of answers or confidence that there was a "sure thing" in any faith when so many disagreed or did not seem to care about helping me as an individual. So for about 2 years I did not want anything to do with church or prayer.

I was looking online at this article on the Catholic church and all of the sudden the message was clear, this was where God wanted me. This faith has been around since the Bible was being written and founded by the apostles who had a hand in writing the Bible! This to me was huge! Something I could rely on.

I am looking forward to meeting others and hearing your words of encouragement int his development in my life. I would love to hear your stories and continue to share with you my walk. My husband and I are going to RCIA every week and praying about this as well as reading and asking questions. Looking forward to meeting some folks on here :)
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At times, I worry about how Humanism seems to have a point. That is when I remember that, even when they seem to do what they like in style and try to back their theories up with seemingly logical evidence, they have a weakness: self-serving bias. That is why I see that the Catholic Church is the true path to freedom.

I don't need to give in to the fear that Humanists try to put in us. None of us do. In fact, if we work together and all pray together, we can keep the belief that only God is all powerful and all Humanists have is their weak mortal shells. To some, this may seem like a Cosmic Horror Story, but it is actually the opposite: Humanity is insignificant not to an evil being, but to an all-knowing and benevolent superpower. And seeing that only God can see all ends, only He can truly be a consequentialist (Have you ever seen these shows that have a character change history to make things better, only to make things worse? That's exactly what I'm talking about.).