Protestant to Catholic

im a protestant, but my boyfriend is catholic.  i always go to his church with him.  one day we went to my church, but when his parents found out they were not happy.  so my boyfriend said he and his father talked about it and i should consider becoming a catholic. 

im just so scared of making a mistake... luckaly i dont have a good relationship with my family so i dont care what they think.

please help me, is it a sign that my boyfriend is serious or was it just his father pressuring him? i want to become a catholic, because im very serious about my relationship.

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pray to God to lead you the right way and make right decision. Change your religion not bec of your relationship to your BF ....Change it for good relationship to God.

pray to God to lead you the right way and make right decision. Change your religion not bec of your relationship to your BF ....Change it for good relationship to God.

I think that's about the worst reason you could choose to convert, and it shows just how little your current beliefs actually mean to you. tell me, do you actually plan on believing something different, or is it just the title you're after? As a former catholic (now atheist), I highly recommend against it, but that's just my own opinion. but having come to that decision through my own thoughts and decisions, and not for the purpose of satisfying somebody else; I would never join a religion just to make somebody else like me. and if somebody can't understand that, then they aren't worth my time.

I converted to the Catholic Church when I was 16. It's a decision that I have NEVER regretted for one moment. I am now 42 and teach catechism.<br />
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As the other posters have said, convert because YOU believe that the Catholic Church is the One, Holy, Catholic (Universal) and Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ. I would get a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and read it. Being part of the true Church of Christ will bring you countless blessings. However, with that said, it does require commitment to living the Catholic faith.<br />
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I hope you find your way "home" to the Catholic Church. I will pray for you.<br />
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Change religions if you marry, but not if you are dating.

I guess it depends on how important your religion is to you.<br />
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I've never been religious, and if I was in a relationship with someone who pressured me to adhere to their religion I would tell them to go **** themselves.<br />
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Your partner should accept you for who you are, but if you think you would like to become Catholic then do it. Just don't let anyone try to change you, especially your partner.

I converted when I was fifteen, my own choice. All I can tell you is don't do it for him. Do it because YOU want to. Because it's what YOU believe in. Especially if he hasn't even proposed yet. If you decide Catholicism is not for you, and he can't be a grown up and make decisions about his life without his parents' input, then it might be time to end it.

Personally, I wouldn't convert to a religion unless you are completely sure about it. Its a big step, and being a Catholic invovles a lot of different things. So, you should really base your decision on your gut, heart and research!

dont do it...