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i've been going to a catholic church for just over 7 months now.

i used to go to an anglican church when i was little but before this one i hadnt been to any church for a long time. i currently dont take communion, i'm not baptised (though i was christened as a child) and i am not confirmed. i love the people there and i love going every sunday and i want to become more involved in becoming a catholic.

i just hope i am doing the right thing.

MamaJudia MamaJudia
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1 Response Oct 26, 2009

You certainly are doing the right thing. <br />
<br />
Are you going to that church by yourself or with a companion? <br />
Unless you are married, I recommend that you make a point of spending most of your Catholic development individually. If your friendship with a companion goes sour or if your companion changes mind, it will tarnish your joyful memories of becoming a Catholic. <br />
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I know a few adults who became Catholic. They refer to the transition as if it was very special and dear to their hearts. It will be an experience that I can never appreciate because I was born and bred this way.