If Only I Was Born a Few Hundred Years Earlier

All my life ive wanted to escape. Just go and live in the wild, find some peace. Its so socially unacceptable these days. People lived in forests for hundreds of years and nobody thought that was so strange. Sometimes the urge to just walk out of the door is so huge, just to walk and walk and not stop until there isnt a human in sight. Its not so strange to choose to leave the human race, is it? i just want to be free.

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2 Responses Feb 28, 2009

No it's not strange to want to leave the human race behind. I think more and more people are thinking this way nowadays because of the sea of strangers we are bombarded with everyday. What do I need them for? The human race has messed up by pumping out too many babies and developing this massive umbrella of control.

As an introvert, all of this social stimuli is too overwhelming (finally realized how much a few years ago). I have started shedding the amount of time I am out in the social world and it helps me mentally and emotionally more and more everyday. My hubby and I are working towards the goal of living in the bush, "working at home" and venturing out into society for monthly supplies.

When you think about it, how many people out there truly care about your well-being? Not many. So why are we putting ourselves out there? Because society has built it up in a way that makes it next to impossible to live otherwise.

It makes me crazy when I think about what the evolution of the fore brain has done to us!!

I hear you man (or girl).
Believe me I wanted to just walk off the chessboard but I just can't.