To tell the truth, yes, I do. It may seem weird and unnatural but purely out of my own choices, I would like to appear and act as a doll would. No surgeries, no actual changes, just makeup and added things to help. I plan to upload images of this journey for anyone interested~ (^_^)
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How do you act like a doll?

Well, maybe not exactly act like one >_< maybe more, how you would expect them to act?

Oh I see what your getting at.. You want to be one of those blow up dolls don't you..? :O lol jk

Hahaha, nice one ;w; maybe a little bit more classy~

Do you think the cabbage patch kids are classy? aha

May I share what I find most helpful in my quest to become a living doll? You will see, if you glance over my stories in this topic, that for me if one's clothes are strictly formal enough to impose their own character upon one's posture and every movement, one's demeanor and attitude can't help but smarten up and remain sweetly posed! Laced corsets, starched collars, big crisp bows, and dainty white gloves never let me forget my ankles belong pressed together and my lips belong stretched wide in a lovely, brightly beaming smile! I hope to be charmed by your picture-perfect presentation soon!
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Well ok. Good luck! There are some more natural looking ones out there besides creepy barbie.

Thank you! I don't plan on Barbie, no >_< that's a little too unnatural for me.