I Want To Help People Feel Peace Of Mind

I'm 24 years old and since being a child I have heard and sometimes seen spirits sometimes I could mistake them for living people they appear in human form. I recently went for a reading with a psychic medium and some spirits came through with messages for my friends and family. After passing on the messages I felt a great feeling from giving my friends and family peace of mind. I would like to be able to deliver more messages to more people by recieving them myself. I've never been sure what my purpose is in life but now I think this is what I'm meant to do. Im not sure how to comunicate with the spirits So if anybody can help me in my journey to develop my gift I will be extremely greatful. I just want to make people happy.
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2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Don't want to be a medium just do it. Your 3rd eye is open just look with it. Be well my friend

Your ability comes naturally, do not over think the how to. Also, do not get discouraged. There will be people that deny what you know is true, keep absolute faith in yourself and spirit.