Disciplinarian For Student Women

I have worked with co-ed from freshman on.

Being on your own possibly for the first time, parties, sororities and other functions seem to take over. Time is important for studying. Getting used to dorm life is also tough.

Talk to me about what is going on and what your personal problems are.

We can monitor and mentor through. However a good spanking may be what is needed to keep you reminded to keep on the books. Grades are your paycheck while in school. Papers, Term papers, quizzes, midterms,tests, and even attendance influence your grades.

Attendance is very vital as sometimes everything said in class is testable. I had a prof which mentioned that it was a sun shinny day....Date...and believe it or not in was on a Mid term as to what kind of day was it on..........Date.

Things will be checked so you know someone cares and is watching. I may even call your dorm after hrs to see if you are in.

Consequences will be given especially for time.

We will need to talk about what is needed and address.

I am in Columbus Ohio and would be glad to help you become more Disciplined.


aspanker43232 aspanker43232
61-65, M
Dec 8, 2012