One big dream, I've ALWAYS had, ever since I was little was becoming a pediatrician! :) i just LOVE kids. I love how they are so curious about EVERYTHING! Even though I'm an only child, I still love kids. I remember teaching my little cousin how to walk. That day was so amazing! :D I still remember his great big smile. Taking care of child is a big responsibility, and takes a lot of patience. But helping them stay healthy is just so wonderful. I just love seeing kids smile because it makes my day.
I will never lose hope on becoming a pediatrician one day. :D I know I WILL BECOME ONE. I just know. I have a huge feeling.
I love kids, and kids seem to love me. :) haha. One day, I'll hear many children say they love "Dr. Brenda" hehe. Many of my friends say that they could picture me as a pediatrician because I care about a lot of people! And plus, I'm patient with things.
So I feel like this career suits me.
If I don't become a pediatrician. I'll be a pediatric nurse. (':
All in all, I love kids!
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Good to have goals for your self.