Yay Photographs

i love getting behind the lens and telling my story.there is nothing mroe rewrding than a  good piece of art. ive been bouncing back inforth of the idea of becomming a photographer or a tattoo artist for a long time n im still not sure which i want to persure im thinking of doing both.i just hope im good enough to make it at both of these really difficult jobs.

SuttonsGirl SuttonsGirl
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

how hard is it to make it as a photographer? ive heard its pretty difficult expecially sence i really wanna do wild life or weddings..

Good JOB!!!!! Now you in an a way, inspired me. I am only a freshman at a University. I am trying to graduate, and get my degree, so I can be a Computer Engineer. I am 24 years old, as of right now. I just have to keep going. I want to be a Senior in College some day, and move out my parents house. I also need to lose weight.