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okay so when I was 16 I would say I lose Alot of things my brother.my mom started beating me calling me a *****.**** etc.. then my first boyfriend came along he was 19. sadly he raped me and Idkk why No one thought that I was pretty or even worth it. as we were headed to class right in front of the door he opened my zipper open his and hugged me obviously his **** was out as it entered me i was in shock Ive been dying to lose my virginity but then he took it out he didnt pop anything Im 20 now and still a virgin.I wanna become a prostitue tho i need the money :/
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

Hey baby, I am a PIMP and would love to take you into my employ as a ***** if you are serious! And if you are contact me via email, charles.marvin5417@yahoo.com and lets make this happen baby