Getting Turned On About Being A Prostitute

I just got back from my first my first step into becoming a prostitute.

I decided to be one because my boy and I need the money. He doesnt know and I have no intention in telling him. They can pay around 50$ per hour, its a good amount of money for a 3rd world country, so Im willing to work 4 hours a day to reach basic needs and pay off debt.

My boss, a lady called Maria (former prostitute) gave be the briefing on the does and dont. After everything while she was asking what servives I can offer. Ive been with girls before and she said that, that might pay more, Im excited. :D

Last night I wasnt sure to show up this morning or not, but this is all I can do to make money in a short amount of time. So I decided, what the hell Ill enjoy myself. I *********** to see if this is an idea that turns me on, it does.

Back to Maria... while she was briefing me, I noticed that I started getting wet. I cant believe it, but I want to go to work tomorrow. I want someone to want me, to desire me...

Im nervous and excited for tomorrow.
Ill be giving dirty details of my first clients...
Dahurt Dahurt
22-25, F
6 Responses May 14, 2012

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