Of the Emotional Kind....

I believe that inner strength is fluid as in it comes and goes and although I don't feel emotionally robust, shall we say, at the moment, I do believe it will return.  I am a piscean and do believe that as the 12th sign I carry ALL the facets of the other 11 as well as my own.  I believe that water finds its own level and when I am at work with colleagues who are earth or fire signs, pisceans struggle to maintain a hold.  I am not confrontational and will back down against anyone which is seen as weakness and although I want to argue my point in a rational way it is easier to let 'it' go.

When I have argued back or stood my ground, I am on my own and by that I never hear anyone say 'yay well done you'.  I would like to see myself as others see me, you know from an objective stance and maybe then I could see where my own strengths lie and my weaknesses as at the moment I really cannot and therefore do not know where to summon the strength from. 

Porthia Porthia
Feb 22, 2009