I Do, But I Don't Think It's Possible

If it was possible to become one and be able to bear children i would want to, to not have the left over traces of being a man lingering around.  however that is not possible in this day in age...though maybe some day........

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2 Responses Feb 24, 2009

Scientists are very close to being able to do so, if i'm not mistaken it is possible already, but just expensive. Doctors and geneticists have been using cloning technology to recreate individual organs so if say a person after having a heart attack needs a new heart, they could take his DNA, clone him a new one and pop it right in after conditioning it to meet the strains of a real body. Or in our case, we need reproductive organs, so in theory, the same scenario here, take the DNA and clone the necessary parts and pop 'em in. It's just not well developed, widely done or cost effective (probably). But still absolutely conceivable within the next 3 years, 5 tops, and I will absolutely be one of the first in line to get it done. We'll get there, I promise.<br />
xoxo Victoria

anything is possible in this day and age. you just need to have the money and the right doctors and support from friends and family. if you want it bad enough and find the means, then you can become whom ever you choose. but then again, i'm sure there's nothing wrong with being you. besides, bearing children is great and all, but it does take its toll on the body for the most part. some of us get lucky though, so you just never know.