Becoming A Pilot

Since I was about four years old I have been doing flying related things but when I was in the ninth grade I decided to become a lawyer. I think this reason was because I had been getting bad grades since I was in the fourth grade and I started getting good grades in the ninth grade, so when the do something that's smart people did. But shortly after I decided I wanted to become a lawyer I started looking into how to become an airline pilot. That didn't turn out too well because what I found was that most people that have become certified to be an airline pilot don't ever become an airline pilot for major airline. But about a year ago a friend of mine gave me a school look up, that school was Delta Connection Academy, in Stanford Florida. The school is expensive but they train you as if you were in an airline, and on top of that you are pretty much guaranteed a job once you graduate with a regional company. So in the summer of 2012 I start class, and by time I am 20 I'll be qualified to be a regional pilot on my way to becoming an airline pilot for Delta.
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1 Response Jul 18, 2010

That's pretty good. Good luck. I want to become a pilot too but i live in NYC.:(