Johnny Appleseed Was the First

Now it's time to feed the honey bees.............Please plant flowers that are honey bee favorites

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get a butterfly bush for then and deep flowers for the humming birds that are red and a few purple

i do and some for the hummingbirds and butterflys too!


red and purple attracts humming birds most

I have bunches of flowers and seeds for flowers...<br />
Tomorrow I go on the prowl for easy planting targets... smiles

Thanks Elf!<br />
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Fellow enviro freak!<br />
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Earth Day is also on the way!!!

From John in Cincinatti Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros<br />
<br />
Johnny Appleseed <br />
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you tube link<br />
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Qazrazl is awesome for starting this group!!!

Yaay! Another guerrilla gardener! Let's save honeybees!<br />
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Just make sure the bees have to fly up when they leave the flowers so their flight patterns take them over any cars!!!