Be a Guerrilla Gardener

Guerrilla gardening is happening everywhere but most effectively in urban areas. A small group of people organize through the internet, gather planting supplies and head to an area in need of beautification. Even just a street median covered in litter or plain dirt can be planted with native plants that require no maintenance or extra watering other than rainfall.

Majora Carter has helped popularize this movement in and around the Tri-borough area in NYC. She has helped to reclaim industrially destroyed areas into lush sites. She's one of my latest heros!

Planting groups meet at areas after dark since asking permission to do so involves bureaucratic redtape. Members say it's just easier to ask forgivenss afterward, than permission beforehand; should anyone complain of perrenials and native plants appearing overnight where there was yuckiness the previous day.

It's great getting your hands dirty and playing in the earth.

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Tell it like it is ladies.................. I am in full agreement

I hear you. Even here in the south, they're building the same old **** and we're in the midst of water wars with the surrounding states! What the hell will it take for people to wake up? And the frigging golf courses UGH! Don't get me started!

Yup! It's very necessary around these here parts. We've been in a drought for 18 flippin' years! Don't EVEN get me started on the ridiculous construction/building, water features and lawns, McMansions, 4 cars per 2 person household...etc. It's the ****** desert, you want a lawn go back to Pacific NW or New England!!! Dammitdammitdammit!<br />
ahhhh, I'm all better now.

That's so cool. I watched a video about it on Current TV. Zeriscaping is the name of the game!<br />
<br />
John from Cincinnatti theme song:<br />
<br />
Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros<br />
<br />
"Johnny Appleseed"<br />
<br />
gets me dancing!

Bee plants need lots of watering, here. Mostly see them at resorts or residential areas. They plant more succulents and cacti, grasses and the like that subsist on rainfall. We have 2 rainy seasons. Jan-Feb rain and snow and July-Aug monsoons.

I hope they are refraining in planting bee attracting plants in medians.............bees and cars don't mix well