Im In the Procees

I am in the process of becoming an EP Supporter because, through this wonderful site, and many wonderful friends I have met, both have helped through some difficult times this past year, and I am most gratful, so, it is payback time, and I am so very glad to do so.

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These are just a few of the lies EP would have you believe in order to become a Priority Support
EP's Statement on becoming a Priority Supporter
"Supporters receive priority when communicating with EP admin. This means you get priority support and faster responses on your issues and concerns".

This is just one of the unkept promises of becoming an EP supporter. I have never in my time here, received an reply to any of my questions. In fact, I've never seen my questions posted. It seems EP only posts questions regarding positivity and nothing regarding anything remotely negative to the sight.
I believe the FREE chat program was another promise immediatly eliminated because they elected to change it to a 'user pays' program just days after I paid my membership.
"Given EP's architecture, where people claim the experiences and topics that are most important to them while remaining anonymous (e.g., we don't know a user's address, phone number, or real name), EP provides advertisers a way to reach the people most receptive to their products-- without overstepping boundaries. Likewise, members can purchase upgraded memberships that provide access to premium features while helping to support the site. With our backgrounds in online health, product management, and an intense passion for our community, we look forward to bringing conversational marketing opportunities without negatively impacting the user experience."
When I first became a full supported of this sight, it offered things that weren't available to the NON supporter. Some of these things included a chat program that only worked for the first week before they made changes to it and decided to charge for its use.
There is no benefit now, as I see it, to become a FULL supporter to this sight at a cost of more than 60 dollars a year.
I DO NOT wish to continue my financial support of this sight any longer. I will be taking a screen shot of this communication for the purposes of evidence should I my credit card be charged any kind of renewal fee.
Please tell me how to remove myself from the "SUPPORTER" list so this doesn't happen.
Best regards,

"What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2012 02:01PM PST
You can visit the FAQ forum here and a community team member will answer your question as soon as possible! "
My Experience with EP
This is straight up a lie. EP does not answer questions sent directly to them, nor do they allow users....even "Full supporters" to comment on the answers they've posted.
I am very, very disappointed in this sight and the way it's treated its users.

I agree with You ,I have been to a couple of other Sites, but they are not as Positive as This One Is. It is My Full Intention to Become a Sopporter of EP when I can obtain a Job that I can actually last at. The People Here have done alot to give Me Friend ship and support already, and I have not been on EP for any appreciable amount of time.I really Love what is being done here,and Appreciate that this is a Place of Unity, where People can communicate to Others who Understand through 'Experience, What the Other Person has ,or Is going Through,and what EP is doing is a Wondrrful and Rare thing!