Never Fit In

I grew up in the midwest. Madison, WI to be exact. This was a nice liberal place to grow up, but it was still the USA. I was forced to go to church(Lutheran), but I never believed in it. I saw people playing sports, but didn't want to join in. I saw my family being racist, but didn't understand. I saw the rich taking everything from the poor, but never idolized them. I saw famous people on the screen, but didn't want to be them. I saw pictures of poor villagers working together, and I saw what I thought of as home. I am now in school getting a degree in communications anbd anthropology. I want at least a bachelors degree so that if 'worst case scernario' happens while I am in another country I will still have something to offer and make a living that way. 'Worst case scenario' would be running out of money before I had found a place to establish myself and a niche for myself to fill. The only thing that I have ever known for sure is that ugly conspicuous consumption is not for me. And that is basically the new religion of the masses in the US. I have traveled this country looking for a place that feels right, but I never saw anything in this country except the same old ***** malls and convenience stores that are found everywhere in this country. All roads lead to Rome? Not any more, now they all lead to a McDonalds. I even thought about buying land and just living there on my own in a self sufficient lifestyle. I grew up growing things and gardening so I can raise enough food for myself. I figured other people with the same feelings could join me, but then I realized that you never own anything in this country. You only rent it. If I want to live outside of the money system here I can't. I would still have to pay taxes, which means that no person can live a debt free life in this country anymore. I would become an enemy of the state and the next thing you know I would be surrounded by FBI and ATF agents. They would call me a seperatist and a white supremacist. They would call my beautiful farm a compound and my friends would become terrorists. They would try and claim that the non-white people living with me were held against their will. The bodies would pile up so that there would be no one left to tell the story. Everyone in town would be shocked at what we were really doing up there. They would say, "they seemed so nice, I had no idea they were terrorists". All this because I wouldn't want to pay money to an unjust landlord. I know that this is all just fiction and that it might not go down quite that way, but I would still lose everything I had worked for because I don't think I should have to support a country that I feel is unjust and criminal in its actions around the country and the world. So I decided that it would be better to go to a country where the people could use the help of anyone who is educated and not afraid to get their hands dirty during a days work. I could teach and garden. Live and read and grow old in a place outside of time where people are more concerned with pulling the weeds and getting the well dug than whether or not Tom and Katie are happy and if the girl next door got the new Ipod before you. Life is too short to be a slave to the bourgeoisie elite. I would rather live in a hut surrounded by friends and family than a mansion surrounded by all the worldly goods I could ever want. So, if anyone has any good suggestions on becoming an expatriate or good stories about how and where are good places to go, please share them so that the wisdom of others can help be part of the guide to my future.
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Hi Robbin505!
Just wondering if you found the place of your dreams.
I am in the process of becoming an expat myself; would love to hear from you!

I am expat and I can tell you from experience: You will never find what you are dreaming of anywhere on this planet. I wish I could find your dream here, but it just doesn't exist.