Choosing to Become Buddhist

I want to become buddhist but am finding hard to make that come true. I know that to achieve this i must go to a temple to get a good feel about buddhism, but i dont have anyone to go with. I dont want to go alone because I dont like just going by myself. I feel like if i do this and i can finally find what i have been searching for. Buddhism is what i have been looking for but in a way i dont even know if im ready.
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I've only just joined EP so it's a while ago since you posted this! However, if you are still searching, I agree with Bouncy too that enlightenment isn't found in temples, it is found in one's own life...I am in a society called Soka Gakkai International (which means society for value creation) We practice the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin, a priest who was born in the 13th century. His appearance as the person who would propagate the final teachings of Shakyamuni for people in this day and age, was prophesied in the Lotus Sutra, in which Shakyamuni revealed his most important teachings.<br />
The most essential one (which is different from most other Buddhisms) is that every being already has the highest state of Buddhahood in their lives no matter what life-state we may be in. The practice he taught enables us to ***** away the delusion and the painful karma we have created in order to realise this and to actually change our lives for the better in every way. The practice to do this involves chanting the title of the LS (Nam Myoho Renge Kyo), reciting parts of the LS, studying the teachings of Nichiren, and sharing them with others so they can change their lives too. There are discussion meetings with talk and experience of putting the teachings into practice in people's houses and centres all over the heirarchy, no financial obligations!<br />
If you are interested in finding out more, a good site to google would be SGI-UK or SGI-USA. I wish you every happiness in life, and if you have already found a path, that it will lead you to the ultimate truth...

I agree with bouncy - there are online podcasts from iTunes, and magazines like Tricycle that can help you get more information and learn how to practice it. Pema Chodron even has her own Facebook page. :)

You don't have to go to a temple to become Buddhist. That's what I like about Buddhism - it's not as structured or demanding as other religions. All it is is a way of thinking. Learn to love yourself, love what you have, then realize that possessions are superficial. Then, what you have will no longer define you, and there will be nothing in the universe you desire, except peace and tranquility.<br />
<br />
This may not be a very good intro to the "religion," but there are many books and even blogs you could check out for free. They help you implement Buddhist thought into your everyday life.