Young, Stupid And ….o-h-h-h In Ecstasy.

Young, Stupid and ….O-h-h-h in Ecstasy.

This story is true, unfortunately, at this time I was unaware that Vaseline was not safe for internal use. Today I’m still trying to find something safe with the consistency as Vaseline. Suggestions appreciated.

At the time this took place I was in my early 20’s and had been into using diapers for at least 12 years. I had no luck with the girls and doubted they would want a guy that wears diapers. I had searched through my teens for that perfect girl, and am still searching today in2012 for a girl that at least understands a diaper lover .
Right about this time I was into excretions in diapers. I, having problems getting myself to go in diapers, and found enemas or laxatives worked, but I couldn’t pee But I had a unique plan. I always loved the feel of Vaseline. And enemas were too watery of a mess. I liked something that could be contained and keep the bowel movement in a solid form.
First I tried Vaseline in a small enema tube and quickly realized the Vaseline was too thick. After thinking a while I had my brainstorm.
I bought four tubes of latex caulking. I then sliced the bottom edge squeezing the tube and popping the bottom off. I removed the caulk and quickly soaked the tube in soap and water for a while to dissolve the caulk remnants. I then attached a piece of wood just long enough to go down the tube to the cap attached the bottom cap with a screw. Going and cutting the tube snout at a wide angle was next. I then super glue a tampon insertion tube over the snout. I then developed a piece of wood, with a hole in it and padded it with sponge covered in duct tape. This would act as a safety to prevent injury if the tube collapsed or slipped.

I tested it a mini trials several times. Filling the caulking tube with Vaseline I would insert the bottom cap with the board attached, and the padded board over the snout to the bottom. Then inserting the caulking tube end with the tampon insertion tube up my rectum.
Then sit on the padded board , pressing down on the tube, pressing down on the board with the cap attached thus forcing the Vaseline into my bowel.
I played with this for a while.

Now for the big event. Previously I had to do this in private, since I lived with other people. Not this time. I saved up some money and got a cheap, but respectable hotel room for the better part of two days. The fun begins.

I love to be gassy when expelling things, and that morning picked up diabetic chocolates, which really do the job. I had already eaten several of them and the magic was starting.
I got the hotel room about 12:30 and started setting up.
I placed a light plastic cover on the bed and floor. I brought 4 tubes filled with Vaseline. I laid out several diapers as well as a diaper suit I’d made with diapers taped together that made legs and extended the diaper up to my mid chest. I then made duct tape suspenders and attached them. This was to insure the diaper suit was not weighed down and slipped down or off.
I put on a single diaper fastening it tightly. This diaper was designed with reinforced hole cut out where my rectum was.
I was so excited I was shaking as I grabbed the first tube.
Placing the padded board over the tube I slowly sat down. Placing more weight on the tube. I was kind of disappointed as I got half way through the first tube no real feelings. But that was soon to change.
As I stood back up to get the second tube the Vaseline started sliding back down in the bowel and caused an urge to go . No, I was only on the first tube, I couldn’t give in now! Quickly grabbing the second tube and inserting it I sat down. Now this felt quite different. The pressure was fighting equally in my bowel from the first tube , I really had to go slowly. My body was now shaking as I started breaking a cold sweat. I grabbed the third tube. About half way through I started getting cramps. Finishing that tube, I decided to stop.
I went to stand up it felt like I was going to loose it all at once. I started pulling up at least five other diapers. I then stepped into a trash bag in which I had cut out holes for my legs. I then proceeded to duct tape the plastic tightly around my legs like pants. As I stood up to tape the plastic bag around my upper chest and middle, I could not help it out crept some Vaseline into my extremely tight diaper. Wow, what an unusual feeling !!! It was so slippery. But I wasn’t even fully uniformed yet. Trying to ignore my entire body trembling, I put on some more diapers and finally the diaper suit. Once again I wrapped duct tape around the legs , my waist and the top of my chest.
As I thought of sitting down a big wad of Vaseline was expelled. The was a large enough amount that it literally filled my but crack. The diapering was so thick, when I tried to walk I waddled sliding my hinder cheeks together in a most unique way. I was beginning to wonder how long I would be able to hold the main mass of Vaseline…. It was like I couldn’t hold it back totally, every few minutes a little more Vaseline would seep out my rectum

I sat on the bed and turned on the TV to get my mind off the current situation. It was now about 2:30 and I felt somewhat relaxed, or at least as relaxed as you can feel with a full bowel, legs spread with diapers a Vaseline slipping and sliding all over your butt. With every turn I could feel the Vaseline seal break and reseal in my but crack.
Now somewhat settled I grabbed some more of my chocolates.

Nearing 4 PM. I started feeling funny. I was having more minor cramps. I was beginning to get concerned. But in a few more minutes my concern was turned into ultimate arousement.
The cramps I felt was gas forming in my bowel, at first it couldn’t escape through the Vaseline until it must have built up. Suddenly an enormous amount of gas poured out from my rectum, the gas of course hit the Vaseline seal in my but crack. Along with it came more Vaseline. It felt like someone had released a highly pressured bottle of seltzer water in my crotch. Some bubbles went up past my butt cheeks further spreading the Vaseline other bubbles went spreading the Vaseline up through my crotch and into my genital area. Oh what a feeling !!! I nearly cummed. After playing with this new found thrill I decided to get up and walk across the room.
If I had problem maintaining myself before this was even more difficult. The Vaseline had spread midway up my but as well as into my genital area. Every step was torture not to ***.
I, after settling down, decide to eat diner. When I sat down at the desk everything in the diaper shifted again. I followed my meal with more candy as well as more into the evening.
That evening while on my computer everything came to a head. I all of the sudden had the massive amount of gas. Once again the bubbles started flowing out but this time a new feeling . With the Vaseline, while sitting, without effort I felt a massive bowel movement enter my diapers. I could feel that it was semi solid, and while sitting at the desk, with the bubbles and Vaseline filled the lower part of my diaper pushing the Vaseline upward. The Vaseline was now topping my hinder cheeks as well as topping my male genitals.
With each issue of gas as well as the bowel movement the bubbles were so numerous they started to tickle me. I got up to walk it off… it didn’t happen, with every step the urge got worse. Finally I succumbed . I felt on the bed a cummed the hardest I’ve cummed in ages.
I realized that I still had the night ahead of me and thought why bother cleaning up.
Once again with the heavy diapering making it impossible to place my legs together, not to mention the slippery squishy feeling made it very difficult to get to sleep.
I think I woke about 6AM. When I rolled over I was very pleasantly reminded of my situation.
I got up and had breakfast. I knew very soon it would be over. But there was one thing I hadn’t done yet. Pee Nearly 18 hours and I hadn’t peed.

I stood there and concentrated and finally a little squirt came. Trying a little more it came and I couldn’t stop it, until my bladder was almost empty.

I stood there in the room, my diaper suit had held together !!
No sooner did I think that and the area where I had the legging attached by duct tape sprung a small leak. Grabbing my bag I headed for the shower walking quickly feeling the squishy, now slimy feeling arousing me from between my legs.

As I hit the shower I started cutting and peeling my diaper suit off. I was covered in Vaseline from above my navel down. The Vaseline had also started permeating through the legs on my diaper suit.
It took me nearly four rolls of toilet paper to get myself clean and shower ready. My bowel movement was somewhat preserved in the Vaseline and it was spread from my rectum up past the top of my genitals while cleaning myself, I got myself aroused once again and cummed.

As I left, I disposed of my mess in the dumpster.
For the next two days I needed to wear a diaper. At any time I could leave gas and more Vaseline was excreted along with an occasional small bowel movement.

This getaway will exist in my mind for a long time and only wish I could do it again.

Happy Diaper Dreams,

DD Montour
ddmontour ddmontour
36-40, M
May 19, 2012