Desperate Search For Work!

My name is Keith. I have been an Xray tech for 13.5 years. I have only had 2 full time jobs during that time and have been working for a temporary agency for the past 9 months. I worked my first job for 8 years in California and my second for 2.5 here in Texas. While working my last job at Baylor Hospital in Garland, TX, my mother who resides in California suffered from a stroke. Over the course of the next two years, I had to deal with her medical and financial affairs.(which California Court and th Federal Government made the most unpleasant journey) I had also discovered 10 years of mismanaged finances and unpaid taxes that had to be payed and filed. I had to make many trips to California both for court and to visit her. One of my major blessings was that her boyfriend and her brother (both retired) were there to take care of her physically at her home. As for me, this life event had spiraled me into a depression like I have never felt before. I was on high doses of antidepressants which didn't seem to help prevent what I call a nervous breakdown. I ended up losing my job because I was late too many times. That was a year ago. I am barely getting by with the temp agency that I'm working for and now even that is slowing to a crawl. I have revised my resume many times. Other than the little ding on my work record, I am at a loss as to why this experienced technologist is having this much trouble finding a full time job here in Dallas or Los Angeles. I do however have a job interview in California next week. Do you have any suggestions for me to possibly dazzle their socks off? Thanks for reading my story.

kjefferson1 kjefferson1
Mar 4, 2009