My Change

I believe even we i was younger i was a little femine. I always had a feeling I was born as the wrong sex.But I grew up with all the cool guys,so i just grew up as a male.As I started getting older i noticed myself becomeing more interested in panties, slips and anything that felt that nice to wear.I also found myself becoming more interested in males. Now at 60 I find that i shave body every week face everyday of course. I wear alot of pink clothes. I feel like a young girl thats growing up. I now want to try make-up and more clothes. I don't know just how far i will go. But i am looking forward to this change. I hope that if any one can help me as a little girl grow up I would like their help .
wantabgirl wantabgirl
56-60, M
1 Response Sep 14, 2012

hi there i am almost the same as you, i am 59 now and last year i came out as transgendered to start with i have been cross dressing on and off all my life and for the last 11 years i had been dressing as a woman but not trying to pass as one when i mentioned it to my doctor that i think i may be trans gendered he got me an appointment at the local gender clinic and now i accept that i had known it for most of my life but hid it from everyone including myself, now i have been taking female hormones for just over a month and living full time as a female for 10 months i just wish i had accepted it years ago as like you i don't expect the hormones to do that much to make me look female but i will give them a go and see what they can do.

good luck with your life and think about what i said about hiding from myself the way i have been all my life.