Do I Deserve My Joy Back

Years ago I was filled with great joy. I was more responsable and I would stand up for my beliefs and selfworth( Back before  I even got this joy, I use to be Quiet and feel less of me.) Somehow somewhere around the time I suddenly became COLD,and Felt worst than less of myself. Now I am empty. I do things and sure they make me happy but at the end, in the night, I AM EMPTY. when I was spiritual at the end, in the night I would feel so full of blessings and full of love from my God. I felt that if tonight was my last day I would be greatful because I have no regrets and because I know where I would be heading to. 

I wonder now if can be able to ever deserve my Joy back.

I laugh and smile but with no purpose. With no purpose my life and my being has no meaning.

So tonight I hope my God will listen and help me become more sPiritual.

truly truly
18-21, F
3 Responses Jul 27, 2007

Its you who runs , not he, well thats what I believe after I felt like you, it was me who had lost my faith. xx

Our creator is one filled with love for His creations, we are but children running away from our Master, but each time we return He welcomes us with open arms.

Ask and you will recieve....