To Be Spiritual

I feel as though more and more people are leaving spirituality behind and embracing a life of materialism. I have noticed this about myself. For my freshman year in high school i stayed at home for the entire year, this was when I was living in the middle east. During that time, it was as though reality began to shift around me and I started to notice and understand things in a way I never had before. That was years ago and now, I have regressed back into the comfortable bubble that surrounds me and my society. I miss the spirituality I had once felt, that connection to something greater than myself...
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18-21, F
3 Responses Aug 16, 2007

I used to have a simple lifestyle until I married. Now I have more stuff than I can deal with.

I can certainly relate to what you had to say about seeing the world differently, now that I have found my sprituality I see things alot differently than I used to. I view the world and people alot differently. You should read my experience. We should chat i think we may have alot in common on this topic!

Its with you every moment that you breath, without your faith , you wouldnt have a consions about your thoughts, your fine. xx