I Want to Become Rich - Yes

Who don't want to become rich.  I bet that most of those who read this has tried MLM's and other thing to become financially independent. 

I have tried MLM's and all  sorts of ways without much success.  I have seen people make a lot of money doing MLM's so why can I.  I learned the reason why I was not getting what others had.

The question to the answer that I seek is "Why can I not make money when I have tried what other successful people has done.  The answer is that MLM's were not my rabbit.

Let me explain this answer.  When I started searching who I was I listen to The Secret.  This was a powerful movie and the cd's was great.  I started researching where she go all of this information.  Then I ran access The Master Key System and The Science of Getting Rich, written in 1912 and 1910 respecify.  These are marvelous book and I do highly recommenced them.  But the book that put the icing on the cake for me was The Jackrabbit Factor.  Now these all are free ebooks that can be downloaded through the Internet.  This book put it all together for me.  It told me why I was not successful and it told me how to be successful.  It also taught me who God was and what my relationship was with him.  It also taught me how to communicate with God. 


I am on my way to becoming independently wealthy.  I have the vision and I know how I am going to make it.  So email me or keep an eye on this experience and I will tell of my success.  Not to rub it into your face but to give you encouragement and only for respectable reasons.  I will not tell you what I did, it is your job to find your own rabbit.


PS if you are looking for a good MLM look at Nuskin, check out You Tube and Nuskin web site.  IF you want to join I am a representative and would be happy to sign you up for no cost.  I just ran across this and thought that it was a great product. I signed up to get my mom involved and take advantage of her selling it.

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Thanks I relate.

I have also read the secret and a whole lot of other stuff..<br />
<br />
I lost a lot of money last year in the credit crisis and I clicked on an Astrologer offering a free reading and she pestered me for ages telling me I was depressed (not true) and coming into a lot of money on a particular date but to send her some money... until I wrote her the following...<br />
<br />
" Thank you Jill for your correspondence.....I feel I should respond as you have been contacting me for a while now...and I do read what you send...<br />
<br />
Just to keep you from being so concerned about me as you have put it. I will honour you by giving you some facts about me as some of the things you have written about me are quite accurate.<br />
<br />
I am a strong spiritual person and it should be a rather simple procedure for astrologists, and psychics to tune into my energy, thoughts, vibration and aspirations, and have been and am very much aware to what is coming up for me in my future.<br />
<br />
1. I have been financially independent... I know what it is like to have lots of money I was a millionaire so I do know what it takes to be wealthy and how that feels...not that having money fazed me one bit at all...same as losing all of it has not fazed me either...I regard it the same as having it...just circumstances at the time creates a different experience and they all pass like we all do, nothing in this reality is permanent.<br />
<br />
2. I work closely with my Spirit Guides, Angels and Arch Angels and have been aware of this upcoming period for some time. I have been preparing many things for its arrival such as property development in a way that eventually will benefit many many people on this planet in sustainable living without reliance on local state and federal govts for water, garbage disposal, electricity, and not to rely on shopping centres for food and good health sustenance etc.....Housing that supplies its own power, water and food, that is also impervious to fluctuations of extreme heat and cold, vermin infestation, bushfires, severe storms, and flooding have been on my agenda for several years.<br />
<br />
3. For a number of years I also have been concerned about our planet being covered with more bitumen as a solution for our congested highways and expanding populations. In this regard I have been talking to anyone who will listen about solving this problem by using some of the technology we already have such as magnetic propulsion (which is already being used in Japan and China for trains) to be used for suspended anti gravitational craft for propulsion and simple magnetic force fields (magnets repel as well as attract) to assist in crash prevention. Once anti gravity technology is developed this will become a reality and as I see it, the only pollution free solution. Roads and fossil fuel travel of any kind then will become a thing of our distant past, and so will aircraft as we now know it.<br />
<br />
This may or may not happen in my lifetime, but there was a time in my life that I never thought I would see the millennium either.<br />
<br />
Some of these may seem like pipe dreams or fairy tales but I want and will play a part in making this happen as I cannot see the future of our planet being sustained filled with happy and balanced people without drastic change happening."