Sick Of Society

hi names ryan,been struggling with todays society a while now. People are so bad to eachother ,and it kills me. I am a avid outdoors men and just believe its time to break away.Get out to the forest and live. Not just live but thrive off what mother nature has to offer us.I look around my home town and see everyone getting what they want,well thets get back to what we need! Everytime i go to the bush for a few days its instant relief from todays struggles. I do believe i can do it,but need others to start. Im new to the computer and dont really no whare to look. is there anybody out there that thinks like me??
ryan85canuck ryan85canuck
26-30, M
2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

Most of the skills required to do what you suggest are all but lost. Spending the summer in the wild is much different from living there. I actually do live off the grid in the interior of Alaska, and can tell you that the spring summer and fall are all there to prepare for the winter!!! A single mistake can be life threatening, and the unexpected is the normal!!! Lightening fires, early frost, hungry bears and moose in the garden are the least one can expect. Think long and educate yourself before starting a journey like this.

i feel the same way man