Ways For Me to Become Sexy Again

1. Eat more fruit and vegies.

2. Walk at least a hour every day.

3. take better care of my skin care regime.

4.  Have a bubble bath at least once a week.

5.  Wear things that flatter me.

Any more ideas anyone?

mysticmum mysticmum
36-40, F
2 Responses Aug 16, 2007

I need to eat more fruit and veggies.<br />
I need to drink more water for my skin.<br />
I am now walking in the mornings (monday - friday)<br />
I think that I'll make bubble bath time for Saturday.

6. New hairstyle<br />
<br />
7. Take a body movement/control hobby:<br />
Dancing, Tai Chi, Pilates or Yoga - gracefulness and stature is very sexy!<br />
<br />
8. Do regular weight/resistance training:<br />
Improves weight loss. Improves sense of internal power (thus confidence and what's sexier than quiet confidence?)<br />
<br />
9. Do some sensuality time:<br />
Pick your favourite non visual sense (taste/smell/sound/touch/movement) and explore it. eg with touch, play with a bunch of different fabric types<br />
<br />
10. Fantasise:<br />
As above internal sexiness projects outwards, and may lend you an intangible sexiness :D