Will I Still Be Able To Achieve My Dreams Despite This Rough Period In My Life?

Suffering a severe anxiety disorder. I really want to work onboard a cruiseship, when i turn 21, but when i emailed the recruitment agency they said about having a psychiatric disorder and how it prevents you from applying..
working very hard atm towards recovery.
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

Perhaps you should take martial arts lessons.
When you feel physically powerful like you can handle yourself is someone starts up with you; That can translate into self confidence in many other situations, such as being at a new job around strangers and doing work you have never done before.

You might want to type martial arts or quick self defense lessons or something like that into the youtube search bar and look at a couple of beginners videos that start with some basic moves.

If you watch and get a couple of ideas and practice them and feel even ever so slightly less anxious, then it seems likely that a full course of lessons from a good school, might help you overcome your anxiety.

It can't hurt to check it out.