Transforming Isis

Transforming Isis

I am proud of Isis for being a ****, hooker, slave and her desire to become a Bimbo…

It took courage to admit to me that she desired to be a ****, slave and Bimbo. Courage to admit she is submissive to the extreme. It takes a special woman to be all those things. Isis and I will enjoy her transformation from being a good looking intelligent woman who was stuck in a “vanilla” boring life-style into a Smoking Hot Blonde Bimbo with large breasts.

Our ultimate goal is a 42 bra size equal to 38GG. It’s not just for me that this transformation is taking place, it’s as much for Isis… it’s something she has wanted, desired and dreamed of for so long. Being a Bimbo **** will bring a smile to her face and heart.

Her dream is on its way to becoming a reality and our first change is to buy her **** wear this week, she will enter the store a “vanilla” woman and exit it as a **** in tight revealing clothes and 6” to 7” hooker heels with the next being a stop at MAC make-up to give her eyes that look that screams I’m a ****… then to a club to show her off and for her to show herself to all the men present.

There are a few “difficulties” to overcome however I have faith in her and know that we will. One or both of us will keep the group informed of her progress and one thing that we need to do yet is to start a blog chronicling her transformation into a Bimbo… and why not?

It is something to be proud of and the world should know.

She will be the Perfect BimboSlut, he embody the last poll question “All of The Above”.

As a last note my art reflects what Isis will become.

She will become a living work of art... The Perfect BimboSlut.
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2 Responses Jul 26, 2010

How far have you - mainly Isis - gone ?

A very interesting story. I would like to see just how far things go.