Un Potty Training...

I love Un Potty Training anyone who has never 'let go' in public. Contact me if you are interested in learning how to have arousing panty or diaper accidents in public, including in Malls, restaurants, bars, elevators, etc......Of course I will help you become completely incognito by wearing a wig, make-up, glasses, etc. The only thing more enjoyable than seeing heads turn with an expression of disbelieve because of the crackling sound followed by the smell of panties or a diaper being filled, is the spontaneous ****** of my student when she / he is instructed to sit down in public in their warm mess....
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46-50, M
10 Responses Jan 2, 2011

I would like to be unpottytrained. I already wear diapers as much as I can but I need someone to make me use them.

I want to lose control of pee.

I want to be unpotty trained

hi shyheart - I do accept applications......send me a message and we'll get the ball rolling - Paul

i would like to hear more

If you like firm but refined training and discipline combined with public exposure, followed by wild, perverted sex, I am your trainer of choice. I do accept applications.

i would like to hear more

well so far i have nearly became incontinet i have had some daytime wettings and wet the bed occasionally...i will try the idea of a pot soon though that makes me happy knowing it can work..chears;)x

god i have wanted to depend on diapers only and i hate using the toliet and i also have wanted so bad to never have control any more and i want to become both incontinence and i really want to be un potty trained please help me i need it

Hi, I would like to become completely incontinent. Could you help me in this? I wear diapers 24 / 7 6 months and the result is almost none. Thank you and happy new year 2011.

I love to let go in public!