How To Become Unpotty Trained

I too have wanted to try to unpotty train myself. I have found some guilds on the internet. This is by far the best one I have found. Here is the link to read it.

If someone tries this let me know how it works. I have not tried it yet and I wonder how it would work.
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I have been diaper dependent for the last few years. It's hard to achieve. But my word of advice. Make sure you won't regret it. For I have tried re-potty training myself to see if I could and for all I know its impossible. Well for me it is it seems.

I'm using the guide myself, been in diapers 24/7 since November 2013, but still have along way to go before I have reached my goal, being 100% diaper dependent.

after corresponding and meeting with hundreds of ab/dl's during my previous lifestyle. i eventually developed a process with an 85% success rate that will "un-pottytrain" and keep you diaper dependant.<br />
<br />
and although it's true that wearing diapers 24/7 is required. it has more to do with overcomming those silly inhibitions about being seen wearing diapers, that you acquired back when you were first potty trained. the third important item you will need to consider. is overcoming your subconsciousness, by wearing REAL DIAPERS with plastic panties that will not ever leak while you sleep, or at work, or while doing any normal phsyical activities. so, forget about wearing any of those little paper disposables. NONE have yet to be as effective for anyone to achieve full "unpotty training".<br />
<br />
that's just a brief overview. so, if you're really serious about becoming truly "un-potty trained". let me know, and i'll give you my email address or you can give me yours. from there i can share all the details and answer anykinds of questions.<br />
<br />

I truly want to be diaper dependant but i can't afford it right now any suggestions

I'd like to ask if we could email. I'm really serious about un-potty training . I am a Diaper Lover and i want to become un-pottytrained


hi bobo,
i'd be happy to help you. which would you like, my email address, or would you prefer to give me yours? i tried to leave you a message on your profile, but you have an age restriction set in, and i'm not able to leave you more information.


Can you help me with night time bed wetting? Please help me.

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I want to try this,but the problem is that I am in college,I can buy as many diapers I want,What I have on clearence is that when I get 18 years old in 4 years I am going to fully replace bathroom,by diapers,I am going to sell or destroy all my underwear at that time,I need special help with you guys to make it in this years,because I really really want to become in some way incontinent for all my life,thats my dream