You Do? Why?

Christian god:
~demands you love him first
~needs you to believe in him with no proof
~sometimes offers affection, but it's always fleeting
~requires you to follow and look for him forever
~is jealous: you're not allowed to shop around for a deity that suits you better
~promises rewards to you, sometimes keeps those promises

Lot of Christians talk about a "relationship with god." That outline up there describes a pretty sh*tty relationship.

Christian god = abusive girl- or boyfriend. I don't recommend you decide to want that. :/
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Hi it is often said that faith in God is supposed to be blind but according to God's word the Bible this is not true. The definition of faith is found at Hebrews 11:1 and is expounded upon in the subsequent verses.

Here is some additional information.
Are there sound reasons for believing in God?
Ps. 19:1: “The heavens are declaring the glory of God; and of the work of his hands the expanse is telling.”
Ps. 104:24: “How many your works are, O Jehovah! All of them in wisdom you have made. The earth is full of your productions.”
Rom. 1:20: “His invisible qualities are clearly seen from the world’s creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made.”
New Scientist magazine said: “The lay view persists—of scientists having ‘disproved’ religion. It is a view that commonly expects scientists to be nonbelievers; that Darwin put the last nails in God’s coffin; and that a succession of scientific and technological innovations since have ruled out the possibility of any resurrection. It is a view that is wildly wrong.”—May 26, 1977, p. 478.
A member of the French Academy of Sciences stated: “Natural order was not invented by the human mind or set up by certain perceptive powers. . . . The existence of order presupposes the existence of organizing intelligence. Such intelligence can be none other than God’s.”—Dieu existe? Oui (Paris, 1979), Christian Chabanis, quoting Pierre-Paul Grassé, p. 94.
Scientists have identified over 100 chemical elements. Their atomic structure displays an intricate mathematical interrelationship of the elements. The periodic table points to obvious design. Such amazing design could not possibly be accidental, a product of chance.
Illustration: When we see a camera, a radio, or a computer, we readily acknowledge that it must have been produced by an intelligent designer. Would it be reasonable, then, to say that far more complex things—the eye, the ear, and the human brain—did not originate with an intelligent Designer?

Well... You are correct. satan allows us to make our own decisions. God also allows us to make our own decisions, and much like a parent, will not always like our decision.<br />
The hardest thing I've found as a parent, is to know when to let my children make their own mistakes. I don't want them to make the wrong decision, because I know from experience what's good and what's bad. That doesn't make me bad, but perhaps a bit controlling. Although my kids may think that is bad. LOL

Yeah, it's a damn tricky line! ^_^

OMG.... Really? A bite of the apple? LOL Is that the best you have? That is truely comical! Let me ask you a few question about your all knowing all encompassing deity you call God.<br />
<br />
It seems to me if you believe in the God of Abraham, then you must believe in Satin. True? I assume, you would have to agree so to that I say...<br />
There is no Devil! If there was he would be you. Carl Jung said it best... "The only evil that exists in the world, exists in the mind of man".  The idea that there is a God sitting in judgment of man (that he created) sickens me! I stick by my personal EXPERIENCE... We are all GOD! There is NOTHING that is not God. God is All. I know what I experienced. I know what I saw. I know we are all the light. Let me ask you something about the Satin that you believe in. Who came first God or Satin? (I assume you will say God) So, did God create Satin? If so, and supposing God knows everything before hand, when he created Satin (I know according to the lies in the Bible, was an angel) he knew that Satin would attempt to turn man away from God, right? So, Satin had no choice, did he? He had the fate to become Evil. If you follow this logic then YOU don't have a choice either. You believe you can choose to serve God or Satin, right? But God already knows what you are going to choose. So, do you really have a choice and aren't you too sealed in the fate that is to be? Let’s go even further. God sent Jesus to earth to pay for the sins of man and Jesus paid with his blood. Who did he pay? Who collected the payment? God? Couldn’t God have simply waved his hand and all would have been forgiven? Why did God need his son’s blood to pay for man’s sins? The same sins God already knew man would commit before he created him. There is NO logic in this religion and therefore I must conclude is ALL a lie. You cannot pick and choose what parts of the Bible you believe in and still be Christian. You have to accept the bible in its totality to be a Christian. What you are saying is God allowed Satin to tempt man by planting false stories in his holy word. That is absurd. A God that would create a world in which he knew in advance he would have to his son brutally murdered to pay for man’s mistakes (God’s mistake in reality) is NO God of mine. You keep him. He is mean and evil in fact he is worse than Satin because he pretends to love us unconditionally. As a parent, you love your children, unconditionally, right? Is there anything your child could ever do that would lead you to punish them eternally? I know personally, there is nothing my kids could do. In my mind that makes me and most people on this planet far more loving, kind and forgiving than your God.

Number one: I am NOT a Christian. XD I do believe in Lucifer, however. I talked to him last night, with a similarly curious friend. :) God gave Lucifer total dominion of the Earth. Lucifer wanted God's little pet creations to think from themselves. That pissed God off. So now we've being dicked around by an authoritative a-hole. Flood, crusades, war extending into this present day. Hmmm, how about: No. Lucifer wants you to think for yourself, not limit yourself by worshipping a higher power. I ascribe to the viking idea of religion: they killed their gods and took their place. You say 'god already knows who I'll choose?' That's true only if I believe it. I don't. YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE.

LoL slow I am sorry... When I went back and looked at my post, I saw it looks like it was directed to you... LoL. I was actually talking to Dangerously39. The comment about freewill and the apple. The logic of how if god knows the outcome already then no matter what you do in life it is predestioned whatever your fate will be before you were born because God already knew.... I just don't understand how there is any free will in that. Sorry if you thought, I thought you were a Christian.... I would never insult you! LoL

Aww, thanks. ^_^ Regardless of the target, I balked at the argumentative condescending tone... My temper is easily aroused with select triggers. &gt;.&gt;;

Seems to be quite a bit of condescending tones floating around this thread.... LoL oh and by the way... Just because you talked to home, it doesn't make him real. If it makes you feel better that's great though. Lol

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Hi slow4speed, I'm just thinking out loud here and sharing my thoughts...<br />
Does He really demand one loves him first? He gives us our own free will.<br />
If you've ever been touched by Him or His Spirit, you'll always know.<br />
I think He always offers affection, but we don't always accept it. We look for it in earthly physical beings and places instead.<br />
I don't think He requires us to follow him, again, the whole free will thing, but when I do follow Him, He gives me peace.<br />
Jealous? Ok, maybe.<br />
Promises? Yeah.<br />
I don't think a Christian God equals an abusive boyfriend or girlfriend.<br />
I also think that God takes many forms, in many religions.<br />
I mean, they (mostly) all believe in one being who created heaven and earth.<br />
How many can there be that can do that? I think we all share that One God who created heaven and earth. We call him by different names, have different disciples and prophets, but we all have that "golden rule". And we run into problems when we don't follow it.<br />
Just saying...<br />
<br />
: )

Who gave us free will, really? We were wandering in the garden of paradise like good little pets until Satan came around and suggested we 'bite the apple.' THAT is the invocation of free will: the presentation of a choice to make. God provided no choice. He did not impart free will on his creation, he just got all pissed off when we found it. Is Satan jealous? Does he make promises he can't keep? God is like a parent, and he's needed at a certain point in our lives, but a lot of us have outgrown him. That's why you see so many unsatisfied Christians running around. Kudos for recognizing other forms. Another form? Lucifer. Does that scare you? Shouldn't. Just another form, right? :)

Hi s4s, did we not have free will to take and bite?
Didn't He have the power to prevent us from eating the fruit? I think we had that choice to eat or not.
I also think that satan shows us the good sides of a possible decision and not the downside. He wants us to do the opposite of what God wants (good).
I also think that satan is jealous and will promise us anything to make a bad decision but also has the ability to twist his promises.
God may be like a parent, and I believe that's His prerogative.
Do I believe that satan or lucifer is another form of that Supreme Being who created heaven and earth? No.
But I do believe he has way more power than my mere mortal mind can comprehend.
Thanks for the continuing dialog.

So, Satan shows us good sides of a decision? And trusts us to be responsible for the repercussions instead of TELLING what to do? Hmm. Freedom. Trust. Sounds good to me~! :D