I Believe In God My Own Way

I went to church for a long time in my life, went to bible college, then went to a jewish torah sinagogue and studied the torah and then I started reading alot of other books pertaining to metaphysics and history and found out so many things that made me totally doubt the book. In the bible it talks about how God committed genocide by having joshua and caleb go into a town and kill all the men, women and children and even animals at that moment I knew it was a work of man, cause a God who would say though shall not kill would not be doing that. I also could not agree with all the pagan animal sacrifices. The book was copyrighted in 1610 so it could not have been ancient. Also to believe you were not born the right way but a wicked way I could not believe that. Then I found out david did not write the psalms but pharoahs did, like thy rod and staff shall comfort me was written by pharoahs and the fact that they had there rod and staff tools with arms crossed made the imagery clear. I found out that christmas was the winter solstice and that the Sun stops moving south in it's rotation for three days at which time it is in line with the three wise men the three stars in the center of orions belt. That was the three wise men visiting the Sun of God. and the death and ressurection of the Sun since it stays in the lowest point of it's rotation for three days the rises in a northern direction. I found out Sin was a Acronym which meant Satanic in Nature and could no longer subscribe to that word which basically makes you admit to be a devil. I know I was born of God or source whatever you want to call the creator. I found out Constantine Conqured egypt and took all the book from their libraries, and that alot of the stories from these books found there way into the bible.I found out that the egyptians never enslaved the hebrews but that the egyptians were the hebrews enslaved for 200 years until thutmoses not moses delievered the egyptians from the hyksos. I found out jew was not a nationality but a religious title like christian and that a certain people were hiding their nationality behind that title. In egypt the women were equal to the men in fact man had to go through the women to sit on the thrown, isis was the symbol of the Thrown. but when the west came in they did not like the equality and started suppressing women through stories. Alot of the egyptian Sun worship teachings were converted over to man worship. Jesus was said to have his ministry for 33 years we'll the Sun inters a constellation at 30 degrees and exits at 33 degrees. The symbol for the cross before constantine took it was of the Sun in the four season. The pope created the devil, The greeks use to worship pan a nature god half man half goat in order to get them to convert, pan was made into the devil and those that would not renounce him were tortured and killed under the new Roman Catholocism. Argha Noa was when the nile would flood once a year and cause the vegetaion to thrive and the symbol of the festival was the waning moon which look like a ark, so it was not the Ark of Noah but the Argha Noa. All they did is Plaguerise alot of egyptian writting. Ever wonder why there are so many verse in the bible that end in Amen or should it be Amen Ra, Amen was a God of Egypt an Ra was the Sun they were grouped together but they don't want you to be curious about egypt. All the old scary Mummy movies were made to scare you away. Why did they make monsters say Ra cause they wanted it to be associated with something scary. In the bible in Amos it says seek him who controls the seven stars of orion and then you wonder why they had the pyramids lined up with Orion. The Gospel means Ghost spell you are worshipping dead people, not to say you could not get your ancestors who alot of times act as guides or even Angels to you to help you but if you worship man you are pretty much locking yourself down to this planet instead of the whole Universe with The Sun Moon and stars. People alot of times look at nature and marvel at the same time seeing themselves seperate although they are mammal, When an animal gets cornered or scared and attacks they call it instinct, you do the same and suddenly your a sinner. Most of the rules like fornication are social control mechanisms put in line to control masses. Dolphines have sex for fun but that is called instinct you do it and your a bad person. I believe god to be love and nothing else I believe God to be positive and nothing else. You have the creator in you, For example you say to yourself I am ugly you feel negative inside you right away because the creator in you is not agreeing with you. You say you are beautiful and you feel good inside because the creator in you agrees. Criticising yourself is not good it will not build you up it will only make you lower your esteem and eventually hate yourself, you must adore yourself. Back to the book, the stories of God's wrath in the bible were made to cause you to fear the religions God nothing else now a being of love does not need you to fear him especially since loving him is a better motivator and since Source is a being of love why would source use a energy like fear which is not in agreement with the divine character. Fear of hell is used to lock you into the religion. You can create your own hell use enough spirit energy faith and you could pretty much create one on he astral realm.  Change your thoughts change your life, you can create thought forms which are thoughts you think over and over which eventually becomes entities unto themselves which is how you can get stuck with the same thoughts bugging you over and over. ever notice how you can think different thoughts in different areas of town. You can go into one area of town and your really scared or think of suicide alot that can be due to picking up on thought forms someone else left behind. Just a tidbit if we want to be more spiritual we have to condition ourselves to be able to receive. You cant have a spiritual being come and greet you because of all the Horror movies you watched and all the garbage left behind locked away in your sub conscious, every time they would try to contact you all the garbage in your subconscious from the horror movies would come out or thoughtforms of fear would grip you and that would shorten their visit. changing the sub conscious is important, somepeople have there verbally abusive parent locked away as a young child you could have been told you'll never amount to anything hear this alot and it becomes a clone of your parents, lets say you are not around them any more unless you try Affirmations or learn how to love yourself in thought and create your own healthy self image these saying of your parents will pop out to direct you in a negative way if that what you picked up, which is why you have to truly learn to think positive. You could listen to Abraham hicks or louise Hay and pick up some information to speed that process if you liked. I think the only thing  that is most Important is Love above all the history and everything else, but loving yourself is the most important.

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2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

Wow,this is something worthwhile to ponder.great post,thanks.

Thank you for writing this. I love God, but I've always been critical of religion and the bible b/c I knew it was written by man. This has opened me eyes even more. I never looked into the history and now it seems even more crucial for people to put down the book and acknowledge the corruption that caused it to be.