I want to believe but religion seems to be the opposite of what i am. I was taught religion but i never believed in it. The idea of god seems real to me but i have never found a religion that seems to call to me.
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You dont need religion to believe in god. Go out and experience life and you will be close enough to god.

Flourlady - You are right on the mark. Someday will come...

Well maybe one will one day-you can still have a relationship with God!

I spent years being turned off by churches and their ways, and the hypocrisy of the people who attended those churches. I lost my faith because I was judging God and Christ on the works, or lack thereof, of those churches. <br />
By when the sh** hit the fan a year ago, I gave up and realized I couldn't do it myself and turned to a strange, but upbeat and wonderfully friendly church with no affiliation with the big super religions. It is a Christian church that teaches that there is only one way to God, and that is to be saved through accepting Christ into your heart. I now have more friends in that church who are willing to help when I need help and willing to ask me for my help when they need it.<br />
I wish you were here in Central Texas so I could take you to that church, but I'll bet their is a non-denominational Christian church in your town. Look it up, take a friend or go by yourself. Listen to the words, join in rejoicing, and you will probably find yourself friends and new outlook on life. <br />
I would love to answer any and all questions you have, just reply to this comment. I am not a minister, but I would love to share my faith with you. May all of Gods Blessings be upon you.

To me, that is not a surprising thing. Most of the religions are ancient and full of strange agendas and odd teachings about morality and sexuality. In fact, nearly all of them have some pretty odd stuff about morality.<br />
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Besides, if there really was a god, I doubt that it'd be much interested in religions that remain static and fixed, when human culture (and the universe) is anything but.