I Do Believe In the God of ...

I do believe in the God of the Bible.  I use to be an athiest and began to study things in their truth.  Evolution my bread and butter at the time, was coming up way short.  There was just to many holes and did not fit together very well.  After trying to disprove the bible I came to understand its uniqueness, not because of any one reliegion but because of what it says.

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Everyone needs something or someone to believe in where this world has become so cynical and self centered. I am scientist by choice and interest and not a profession. I do understand the evolutionary science and how things come about. The holes you are referring to are unanswered questions. Doesn't mean there isn't an answer. It means you may have asked the wrong question or asked the wrong person (s) <br />
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I see the Tarin system, known as our solar system and I see the complexities of all the planets orbits and what there functions are. still it seems all too perfect to be a coincidence. You see science and research is a way to prove or disprove and looked over again. that is in all sorts of research. We have found new and interesting things by using new methods and tools to research and find definitive solutions to unanswered questions that may have been posed two days ago. Its all a matter of approach and the mind behind the answers.<br />
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Einstein once said that my sense of God is my sense of wonder of the universe, how profound was that?

Very well said allofus

I totaly agree. Through Jesus we have been given the gift to be joint heirs with Christ, sons and duaghters of the most high. The God that spoke the intire universe into exsistance humbled himself to save the least of us

The thing is God does not need me to exisit, He just does. But I need him if I am to exsist. I am not looking for God's approval or forgivness anymore, I found that in Jesus Christ, who is the son of God and is God. It was thru his sacrifice that I am forgiven past, present, and future, and because he stands as my mediator between me and the judgement of God at the end of days, I am accepted. I wish I lived better, not because of some dire circumstance will befall me, but because God deserves this. God is not of us, He is beyond us and yet he humbles himself to be with us. I do not think enough people really appricate this idea.

God is in all of us its up to you to discover find him <br />
what i mean is that you have to believe there is a <br />
higher power and there are good and bad influences <br />
ariynd us we have a choice which way to go i believe<br />
our destiny fate whatever is preset but i beleve the outcome end result is our choice for u to come on here and express your feelings about God means u want gods help in some way you want to see something in your life that will prove to u that he god does exist and <br />
that he does care try talking to god everyday tell hi whats on your mind be honest dont be afraid and youll see things change i all areas of your life believe <br />
be patient have faith show compassion towards your fellowman and eat your vegetables lol!!!