I Don't Believe In the ...

I don't believe in the mystery God that current religions say you should follow.  I tried to believe that an invisible man exist in the sky, but the longer you live and the more things you get to experience, the more you really start to question whether religion is something that was made up by the 10% ruling class to keep people in line.

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4 Responses May 13, 2009

With all due respect, DAVIDinIRELAND, that's quite a disrespectful thing to say, when many religions suffer of martyrs early on, who are oppressed because of their beliefs.<br />
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To CorporalPunishment: I don't think it is best to rely on experience to determine the plausibility of GOD's existence, rely instead on reasoning. Reasoning transcends and is less limited than one's own experience, giving the individual less of a chance to reach incorrect conclusions.

Religion and God are not the same thing even though they often get lumped together. And God, at least to me, is not a "man in the sky", but a living being much superior to us whose nature we will probably never understand here on earth.

There is free will. To bellieve in anything you want. The belief in God is up to you. It is not a control thing. My God I don't know about what you know. Is one that wants me to try and be better today than I was yesterday, and treat people the way I want to be treated. I am not sure about what religion you have checked into. I am not a big church goer. I just do the best I can.

that sounds about right to me.<br />
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we are just here, there is no known explanation, not from anyone.<br />
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we can read and believe any of the stories written by people who run churches, they all have the same 'type' of idea. <br />
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their basic principles that lock them together is control of the general population.<br />
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in all fairness, religon began during a time that the world needed control.<br />
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it helped the uneducated to fall into line with fear, not of man but of a god, an unseen god who knows everything.