I wonder if the society we live in has affected the houesty. i know it has for me, i have admitedly lied about some things i have done?
i felt embaressed and alone when it came to my friends and there constant talking about boys and what theyd done
so many girls my age are so open about their sexual relationships, i worry im just behind?
im more worried about my studies and the grades i get, to care about what boys i am intrested in and who i should shag?
i know im bisexual but im not sure if this is down to the demand to have everything labeled. i feel like im being cramped into a catagory at which i have to choose a label for myself in order to fit in, or for other people to know were i fit like a clothes label. 

 of course i have an attraction to certain people but surely all these people cant have ******* or had sexual contact with as many people as they claim? is it down to the pier pressure; it must be im struggling to find one let alone a barrage of people? im not sure weather i feel embaressed or pleased that im a virgin? obviously i have self respect and i dont want to give it to anyone, but does it mean that by waiting i have made it harder for myself?
AliceeChick AliceeChick
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 2, 2011

There is far to much emphasis put on virginity and sexual encounters at that age and I am not really sure how having a plethora of partners is something to brag about. <br />
I think you should be proud and do what you feel is right for you. Forget what everyone else thinks. It's your life and your body.