Hope I`ve Made Some Impact.

i have had many friends,i have a wonderfull nephew.i have a beautifull niece.i find them saying some of the things that are near to my soul.doing things that i would do.helping those who need it.i have saved a life.i never ask for thanks when i help others,i don`t seek payment for doing the things i do.it is part of who i am.you don`t get paid for doing the right thing.i have set with a vietnam vet when he was having a bad spell,and listened without saying a word while he told me what he needed to get off his chest.i have helped the elderly.and the young.i am like everone else;i want to belive i can change things.and in a way ,i do one moment at a time.one on one.and hope i will see it go on.after i am long gone.i want to belive that i have the strengh for what i know is comming,and hope to have grace once it hits.yes,i want to belive in myself,but there are those deep dark doubts.

ghostofmyself ghostofmyself
1 Response Mar 21, 2009

The only thing stopping you from believing in yourself is you. You have compassion and worth.