Blindfolded At A Party

My husband took me to a party but just before we went in he took out a blindfold and wrapped it tightly around my head then led me into the house. I could hear lots of people talking and found out several of the women where blindfolded too. I was wearing next to nothing like I usually did going to these things and after sitting for a minute I felt my husband, I thought it was my husband, reaching under my skirt and pulling my panties down and off. I could feel my nipples getting hard, they are very responsive and really stick out which has been a real big attention getter for me.
Next I was led to out on the backyard patio, I could feel the warm night air blowing across my body and up my skirt. I was wearing heels, the kind my husband calls "chase me, catch me, phuck me heels" My arms where lifted above my head, tied together and to something above me. I was stretched out so I could barely touch the floor. Then my top was removed and nipple clamps where attached. I love the pain they give, just enough but not too much. My skirt was removed and all I had on was the blindfold and my heels. I was lowered just enough for them to spread my legs and tie them apart leaving me completely vulnerable, a feeling I love!
I was left there like that for awhile, not knowing who was around, I was given a few drinks of wine but a lot of it dribbled down my chin and onto my chest, dripping off my nipples. I was beginning to feel the wine but wanted more and asked for another glass, a second passed and I felt the sting of a whip across my behind. I guess I yelped a bit and was told to shut up by a female voice and felt the sting of another whip, this time across my breasts. I shut up.
A little while later a glass was put to my mouth and I drank but they tilted it so fast I couldn't swallow enough and it just poured down my body all the way to other lips. It was cold and that made my nipples even harder. Another glass was put to my mouth and I gulped as fast as I could. Now I was really feeling the wine. I asked who was there but no one answered. I just kept silent for a few minutes and then I felt hands exploring my body, women's and men's hands. I asked where my husband was and I was again told to shut up. The woman's voice told me my mouth was not for talking, she had other uses for it and a ball gag was forced between my lips and tied around the back of my head. The hands continued and occasionally the whip was used on my legs and breasts. I was getting so horny wondering what was going to happen next when the nipple clamps where pulled off and two pairs of lips started sucking on them. The hands where all over me, I don't know how many but they explored my entire body, fingers pushing deep inside me. I tried not to come but it was like I was forced too by the hands and fingers probing me. I almost always make a lot of noise when I let loose but the ball gag prevented me from making much sound.
My legs got weak and I relaxed more letting my weight be held by the ropes. A quick stroke of the whip cured my laziness and I stood up as much as I could. I was left alone for a little while but then the lips returned searching my body and licking the wine from every part. I knew they where women's lips and while one got between my legs others suckled on my nipples. I could hear the whip hitting other women and them being told to suck and lick on me. I felt the woman's face against my stomach and I could tell she was also wearing a blindfold. I could also tell from her movements that a man was in her, pumping away as she worked on me. I came again from her soft lips and tried to relax but I knew better than to let myself go to much, my behind was getting to sore to stand to much more of her whip.
The woman between my legs was replaced by another woman who seemed to be very hungry for a taste of me. I felt a man behind me and wondered if it was my husband. When his penis rubbed between my cheeks I knew it was not, this guy was huge! I relaxed as best I could as I knew it was going to hurt. He had some lube on and he slid himself into me and not into my vagina. It really did hurt at first, I had never had a man that big in there but I was helpless to stop him. He shoved it in deep, so deep I thought it would rip me open. I took him all the way as she worked on my front. The feeling was fantastic, those soft lips being pushed against me as his rock hard erection plowed me so hard he was lifting me off the ground.
I heard a woman's voice tell my pusi lick er to get up, that she had enough and it was time for me to be spread like the cheap **** I was. A man got between my legs and entered me, he wasn't as big but I was already stretched from the rear. The guy behind me didn't miss a stroke and the two of them got a rhythm going with me in the center. I felt the buy behind me pull out. I felt so empty without it and wanted him back in there. It didn't take long for another man to take his place and the pounding went on. My legs where tired but I was mostly held up by the two men and the ropes. The man between me legs came and got out, a woman was told to "keep the **** wet" and her lips returned to my vagina. I felt the warm liquid being sucked out and wondered who had left it and who was licking it out.
I was released from the beam over my head but my arms where still tied. My legs where released and I was walked inside. I was pushed down on my knees and the ball gag was removed. I was given more wine and I asked to remove the blindfold. I was again to to shut up and waited for the whip but it did not come. Instead a penis was pushed to my lips and like a good **** I worked on it as hard as I could.
My hands where bound to my ankles and I was rolled to my back. A guy got on top and put himself inside of me, he pumped away for awhile and finished. By this time I had figured out that there was about three women, two of them blindfolded and made to act as slaves and the other the dominate ***** that had beat me. I think I counted at least 7 or 8 men's voices but I had not heard my husbands voice since we got there. I laid there as man after man used me both in the front and rear. Most of them came inside me at one point or another only to be followed by a pair of women's lips.
I was tired and sore but so satisfied. After they had finished I heard my husbands voice talking to the dom ***** and asking her how I had been. She laughed and told him I was a good **** and the guys had enjoyed using me. I felt her lay down next to me and then my husband voice telling her how great she was. I could feel him get on top of her and they screwed next to me as I was tied and helpless.
He finished and she sat on top of my face, making me clean my husbands come from her. I knew it was his, I swallowed it almost every day of my married life.
I was dressed and led out the door. The blindfold was taken off and I staggered to the car never knowing or seeing anyone that had been at the party. The next day my husband brought out some pictures. One of the girls that was working on me turned out to be this woman that I really hated and one of the others was my best friend that I never played with before! The dom woman was the wife of my husband boss! He was not at the party and had no idea his wife was that kinky! That is going to be awkward at the next company party!
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Very Sexy Story

excellent story. well written.

Such a hot story, made my panties all wet just reading it. I so imagine that was me that all those wonderful things were happening to.

Very HOT! My wife and I did this a few years ago in Philadelphia...a BIG surprize for her! A lot of fun for all!

Very Hot story thanks for sharing. I've known a few sub women who have the fantasy but have not cated on it. The isea of who has f**ked you has to get your juices flowing at the thought.

I love those kind of parties! Especially when there are both friends & strangers there. Being blindfolded so I don't know who I have sucked or has played with me or seen me naked & orgasming or spanked me or used me is so hot!<br />
<br />
I don't want to see photos unless you want to prove to me that you were there. Thinking that it could be <i>anyone</i> I know (or don't know!) keeps me thinking naughty thoughts about <i>everyone</i> I meet!<br />
<br />
That man or woman is smiling at me and saying "Hi". Their ex<x>pression suggests more than casual interest -- are they just being polite or are they remembering my naked body and how much I scream & squirt when I'm forced to *** while being paddled or whipped? I can't ask them!!! (Can I?)

Incredibly hot!