May Mallade

My and my bf have been together for 3 years and everything was going great until a slew of fights that coincided at the beginning of may set things into a horrible tailspin. We have been long distance for the past 3 years as well so it makes it even more difficult that i cannot see him and he cannot see me. Well it was little things that snowballed into huge things and now here we are at the end of may stil together and I dont know why we are.

Ive tried to walk away but he tells me things will get better when I know they wont. Its the little things that are killing me inside. Like we use to say to each other good morning via text and a little kissy face just to know that he was on my mind and I was on his. He doesnt do that anymore. The one time I asked him too he sent me a text the next day.

"Good morning...There I said it."

As if it were such a burden to do something like this. I dont ask for much but what I do ask for is to be appreciated and lately he has done nothing to keep my loyalty. He has a new job and such but I make sure to text him before he gets up because due to the anxiety I havent slept more than a few hours. He always seems to busy for me and wih the fight being so close together with him ignoring me or being away from me and today he had his phone off which he never does.

He doesnt skype with me anymore and he has just lost his swetnes. I feel trapped in this relationship and I want to leave but Im scared. He propsed to me three years ago and the memories is whats keepin me here. But all this doubt I have is making me question should I stay.

Hes pulling away
he doesn't make time for me, even though before when he was tired he would make time for me.
His stories dont add up at times
Hes starting to lie alot

I dont tolerate liars and his lies are becoming more and more frequent. Am I that bad of a person to not want to be around...Maybe I am. I dont know. I just know I dont want to be traped in a one way relationship
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You should do what your heart tells you to! And your mind! Don't let fear and old memories hold you back. If its just a phase then maybe see how much you can take without suffering too much! But it doesn't sound like it....... :( I'm so so so sorry :(